How to break reinforced glass?

So far, they only way I’ve found is to have your body smashed through by an enemy with a knock-back attack. Nothing else I’ve tried works though, although you can shoot through the glass with a rail rifle, it won’t break the pane. C-4 does not seem to work either though I’ve only tried with one C-4 pack, maybe several would do the trick?

heavy two hahnded hammer with about 10 strenght does the job. If you have only 8 you can drink some alcohol alnd incrase morale to get more st.

Have you tried a jackhammers or pickaxe?

Oh yeah, trying with either will just give a message saying you can’t do that.

Right, you can’t 'a’pply a jackhammer to break it. But you can still 's’mash the window, and a high STRength with a heavy hammer (like a sledgehammer) will do the job nicely.

Maybe Sonic Resonator CBM or mininuke will do the job if you aren’t strong enough to use sledgehammer.

Right, a mininuke will do. Could also try to ram the whole building with a 100-ton truck of devastation going at 1000 kmph.

Don’t forget to fasten your seat belt.

Reinforced homewrecker with 10 strength barely beats the needed 40 (30 bashing +10 strength) bashing resistance of a reinforced wall. 11 strength gives more reliable results, get happy enough for a +str increase and you can break down labstart locked rooms from day 1.

This is especially good for the flooded room, armory and CBM rooms: the flooded room nets you a fire axe, which is a perfect non-conductive early-to-mid game weapon until you can forge something better, the CBM rooms are a no-brainer, just smash the glass until you get the goodies inside without angering the secubots, while the armory still requires you to hack/blow up the first door sure, but there’s no way of getting into the inner armory where the loot is without either breaking the wall with a jackhammer or breaking the glass and due to an era-standing bug (which is actually a feature, depending on who you ask) it’s a bug there’s no way of actually getting to the controls that let you open the armory vault without breaking that locked room open and once you’re in the door’s bloody open already so you don’t even need to.

Uh…are we talking about the same thing here? Because I just (a)pply a hacksaw to it, smash the window with a rock, and then use the Construction menu to clean out the glass.

If I’m feeling really frisky, I might use a chainsaw or circular saw.

Pretty sure you’re thinking of the armoured windows in gun stores.

Actually you CAN break through with C4. But you have to place the charge atleast 1 tile away from the glass else I’ve seen it do nothing. Each time I place 1 tile away. I have gotten into the military bunks this way…or rather the basement storage glass units. It destroys the keypads and the blast will likely consume the adjacent wall AND the stuff inside the room. Keep in mind the blast will flow through the glass and into the room. So the room you want more is the one you choose 1 tile away from. This effect does not always happen. I’ve seen walls stay up too.

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