Smashing things without a weapon causes hand and arm injuries?

It just seems a little ridiculous that my character can smash out a glass window with his bare hands and not slice up his arms in the process.

y? cant I kick things?

Wouldn’t that hurt your foot, then?

if your barefoot. You aren’t kicking windows in barefoot are you? Besides, if you are intentionally breaking a window, its not difficult to keep from being cut in the process. Just smash and then recoil, and chances are the glass isn’t going to randomly fly towards you. Right?

At the vast majority of cases you’d be using something to break that window though, rather than bare hands…

Mostly this.

Unless you are playing a nudist challenge, you probably have a lot of stuff on yourself that can be used to break things.

I’m back, buddy, how’s going?

by the way, I was make this subject on the last year, if I remember…

I have yet to try this, due to lack of glass I can break and not care about having to replace.

dont use bare skin.

wrap rags around your hand or be cautious and crack the glass first or go balls out and shoulder through it.

youll hurt yourself if you punch it. not all the glass has to break when you apply sudden conxentrated force to it…

if you strike and then withdraw… wouldn’t that do it? Using a rag or something to do so would obviously be wise, but if like our nude survivor you had nothing of the sort, and did not think to grab even a rock or something to smash it with… I don’t think a quick strike would yield any negative results.