[Win Curses #543] Temperature Value -- GameSave Bug

Downloaded yesterday; Never seen this type of error before with CataDDA.

Upon creating a character and generating a world, I entered the game with (somehow standard) 18 degrees Celsius value sitting in the upper right corner. Since I was playing with the layout (interface, font) the game had to be saved to exit the app. The next time it was loaded it returned -18 degrees Celsius (blue value), and the game sticks to it for as long as I save/load this game.
This, however, corrects itself after a certain ammount of playtime, thus the temperature rises; the game had seen the negative value as viable and not virtual - because the negative effects of such an occurance were felt.

Another file-generating related bug with #543, the logg file says Contruct instead of Construct on line ###, column 25.