My torso and arms warmth drops to insane levels after loading a save

My torso and arms warmth drops to insane levels after loading a save and moving a square or just waiting for a while.

Cataclysm DDA version 0.E-4297-g3c67e804d7

It’s a fresh master compiled from source today 2020-07-20 I always do make clean before compiling again.

Link to save:

The funny thing is when I remove from my torso items I wear: flannel jacket, high-volume rucksack, ulitily vest, and kevlar-vest, warmth of torso goes back to normal level. Wearing them again drops my warmth again. Axe ring holster I wear too does not seem to have any impact on warmth though. If I wear travelpack from my car my torso goes down, same with sling pack from car. Wearing a pair of cut-resistant arm sleeves drops my arm warmth. Wearing filter mask over my mouth, on the other hand increase my mouth warmth.

Is it a bug in game, or is my save game somehow broken?

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Sounds like a bug caused by and is probably the same thing as Warmth is broken?

Can you open an issue about it?

All the same. Clothing is removed - heat is restored. It looks like a bug

I’ve checked out 12e8c9b84945abcee1a5a1a45e966a243935d695 on master that’s a commit just before and it seems to be working correctly.

I tried to find where the bug is in that PR, but I wasn’t able to by just reading the code.

I’m hoping for a sign error somewhere, like just doing a - instead of a + but I don’t know without testing more.

I did not saw any sign error, but given how the warmth changes, I believe there may be some improper multiplication of something.

I need to get back to work. I only managed to make short bug report

Thanks, I’ll try to look into it later today.

I saw you had PR that tried to fix that problem
But the problem persists, and it has to do something with being wet. here’s save

I’ve got wet feet and legs. If you were sleeping bag that is nearby your feet and legs get considerably colder that without it. If you spawn towel, and dry yourself. just after drying, all body parts are getting much colder. Temp shows -18C in UI, and it takes few turns to Temp in UI show +11C and warmth getting back to normal. It’s fresh master with your changes.

And loading same save in 12e8c9b84945abcee1a5a1a45e966a243935d695 (the one before all those changes) brings warmth back to “normal” level.

What happens if you save an reload?

My fix was to set drench_capacity on load but laybe instead we should set it everytime the body temp is calculated

Bettet still, we could get drench capacoty directly from the id and not store it in the bodypart. I ll push that change later today.

Seems to be working great after last fixes :slight_smile: Thank you.

Finally! X)

I have the latest experimental (10863) and I think I have the same problem as op. My legs are insanely cold, and get warmer as I take off clothing. Has nothing to do with being wet, at least with me.

Are you sure you’re on the latest version? Did you try to dry with a towel and wait a bit?

I was having the same issue (build 10863). No visible indication that I was wet, but the towel trick worked! Thanks!

Well cut my legs and call me shorty, it worked! Thank you!

Ok so there were multiple bugs:
First drench capacity was set to 1 so when your toso reached 40 wetness the game thought you were 4000% wet and applied cold penalty accordingly
Second there is a typo that makes you wetter each time you’re supposed to get dryer leading to infinite wetness

First one is already fixed and here’s the fix for the second one

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thank you Fris0uman you are a true foodperson.