Keep getting weird temperature issues

So I was having this same issue the other day and now its back again. I was playing a character I had going for a few days when I died. So I made a new character but using the same world as my old character. On the new character, very shortly into the game (I havent even left the starting shelter yet) I start getting frostbite warnings and then start taking cold damage.
When I check the temperature overlay, it shows 0’s in every tile. If I check the basement, the overlay shows 3 or 4 in each tile. I was only able to fix the issue by making a new world. Well today the same thing just happened. I died, and now on my new character Im getting frostbite warnings despite having just started a new character and the temp overlay shows 0’s in every tile. Can anyone look into this?

Yes, temperatures are currently bugged. There was a workaround via debug menu but it doesn’t work in latest builds. The bug is on github so I’d say wait till it is fixed.

Yea I dont know if this is the same the bug from a few days ago. That one would show you as being wet and you needed to spawn a towel to dry off with.
This one, Im not showing as being wet, just 100% cold. Taking my clothes off doesnt fix it like last time either.

It is not the wetness bug. For some reason, outdoors temps are -17 Celsius or so upon loading, regardless of what it was during saving the game. It was fixable by resetting weather through debug menu when the bug was just introduced but in recent builds it doesn’t work. You can check this with either spawning diver’s watch and activating it, or assigning the key to “show temperature map” and checking the temp.

Oh I see. So over the last few days I have actually been suffering from several different temperature bugs then lol.
EDIT:So what’s the deal then? No way to fix it other than wait for devs to fix? This bug has prevented me from playing for days now lol.

Is that the bug ?

Yea. While Im not the one that posted that, it would appear to be exactly what Im suffering as well.

That was me. I haven’t played in a while since this bug has been the near death of every character I played. Hoping it gets fixed soonish so i can get back to finding more bugs to report. There is fun to be had in those towns, and im missing out due to frozen legs.

Can anyone else verify the debug menu doesn’t fix it anymore? Due to router issues I am unable to actually download the latest myself to verify if the debug trick stopped working on a specific version or not.

Nah, it still works. I didn’t realize you have to skip a turn after debugging for it to actually apply.

Glad I could help and sorry for not mentioning that in the original post on how to fix it temporarily.

Edit for people who are looking here and not on the github.

A temporary way around dying to this nasty little issue. is to use debug to refresh the weather after loading (if its clear, make sure its set to clear in debug). this immediately fixes the temperature.

Debug - map - change weather, choose the same current weather. Make sure to move a step in order for the game to register the temperature change.

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Oh wow thank so much guys. So far it seems that temp fix is working. I have been totally unable to play for days now due to this nasty bug lol.

So Im running build 10898 and it seems that the temperature bug has either not been fixed or is back again. Is there a way to find out if a bug has been fixed? Im not really familiar with github that well, but is there a place there that will list that info?
EDIT:And so far that temp fix listed above using the debug menu, doesnt seem to be working now. Well, the temp overlay went from all 0’s to 3’s and 9’s, but its still very cold and my guy is still getting frostbite.

The issue is still open, so no it has not been fixed.