Williham presents!

In the interest of better handling of how data is loaded and whatnot, the Witomod branch is now patched to change how names (for name generation for NPCs and players) is loaded:

The names are now loaded from the unified file


The fundamental format is, as the name implies, JSON.

The file consists of an array of objects, like so:

{ "name" : "Aaliyah", "gender" : "female", "usage" : "given" },
{ "name" : "Aaron", "gender" : "male", "usage" : "given" },
{ "name" : "Abigail", "gender" : "female", "usage" : "given" },
{ "name" : "Adam", "gender" : "male", "usage" : "given" },
{ "name" : "Adams", "gender" : "unisex", "usage" : "family" },
/* … */

(The file is currently sorted, so if contributing, try to keep it that way.)

The fields used are as follows:

[ul][li][tt]name[/tt] is the name itself[/li]
[li][tt]gender[/tt] is the gender availability of the name, and can be [tt]male[/tt], [tt]female[/tt], or [tt]unisex[/tt][/li]
[li][tt]usage[/tt] is the usage class of the name, and can be [tt]given[/tt], [tt]family[/tt], or [tt]universal[/tt][/li][/ul]

Note that the fields are cross-checked when generating a new name, meaning that having male/female-only family names works as expected, e.g.:

{ "name" : "Petrov", "gender" : "male", "usage" : "family" },
{ "name" : "Petrova", "gender" : "female", "usage" : "family" },

The above, if inserted into the name file, will avail “Petrov” to male NPCs only, and “Petrova” to female NPCs only.

Also, again, in the interest of future merging and so forth; please endeavour to keep the file sorted! It lets multiple people work on it with greater ease!

Still on the WitoMod branch; initial points available in character generation for custom characters is now configurable in [tt]options.txt[/tt], as [tt]initial_points[/tt].

The default is the same as now, 6 points, and the interface will by default allow upping it to a whopping 24 points!

That’s enough to start off a character with 14 in every skill!

Or, if you’re a masochist; set it to 0! Now you’ll have to juggle traits to get even a single point in any stat!

I’ve been thinking about the file format to use for my bit (which I really wanted to have some progress made on. Damn you, illness, for knocking me out for a week!). I was going to go with yaml, but if you’re already using json I don’t see a reason not to do the same.

Good work, by the way.

You should check out my loadable-skills branch; it’s done mostly as a model for how I see other elements being moved out into raw files.

You should be on IRC so we can coordinate on this stuff.

Because sometimes, you want to practice sewing for hours on end!

[w]ield that sewing kit, and [A]pply wielded!

[A]pply directly to forehead! [A]pply directly to forehead! [A]pply directly to forehead!

Also works for books, foods, whatever, really.

You see here a backpack.
[size=2]It is embroidered with flames. It is embroidered with Zombies. It is embroidered with turrets. It is embroidered with a rifle. It is embroidered with a sewing kit.[/size]

A Rough Zombie leather patch is sewn onto it’s surface, embroidered with a depiction of Nasha-Zul. Nasha-Zul features a Rough Zombie leather patch, the patch is embroidered with a depiction of Nasha-Zul…

And that is the day I began sewing.

Well, on the one hand, we don’t necessarily want to turn Cataclysm: DDA into “DF Modern”, but item embellishments are Just Cool™, so I might have a look at it.

Also re-add tagging walls and floors with spraypaint.

[quote=“Williham, post:1, topic:94”]The fields used are as follows:

[ul][li][tt]name[/tt] is the name itself[/li]
[li][tt]gender[/tt] is the gender availability of the name, and can be [tt]male[/tt], [tt]female[/tt], or [tt]unisex[/tt][/li]
[li][tt]usage[/tt] is the usage class of the name, and can be [tt]given[/tt], [tt]family[/tt], or [tt]universal[/tt][/li][/ul][/quote]

With Universal names doesn’t that mean you could have same name for given and family? Not that it’s a bad thing, would be great to see an NPC called Bob Bob or something.

Yep, that’s the idea. I’m not sure the “universal” flag on the “usage” field is actually all that useful.


But I’ll be getting back to name generation, and name generators, at a later point, and it’s chiefly a bit of groundwork for that.

I want to be able to write on walls and floors, so I can mark different storage areas.

It may be minor, but here it is:

Sleep and wait will now only trigger one autosave, at the very start.

Wether this is an improvement or a problem will have to be up to the individual player to decide.

All right, this may help with the “Forgot to close EVERYTHING up for the night and 500+ wolves get inside and claim the house” situation.

If you are thinking of save scumming, I’m sorry to disappoint:

The save happens after the sleep is initiated, so you can’t undo your sleep.

That renders the save pretty redundant, seeing as if you crash whilst sleeping you’re unable to go back and kill the NPC that’s causing the crash.

That’s true, but if the RNG is an element, it might not crash the second time around.

It’s usually pretty reliable when it comes to NPCs, I’ve fixed a lot of emailed saves by using Z, 8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Fair point.

Also, get on IRC!

Busy setting up my new computer :stuck_out_tongue: