Will it be possible to redesign or customize equipment so it can fit a mutated person?

as the title said i wonder is it possible? since realistically its not like the armor cant be redesign or customize to fit the character new form so they can wear it, something similar to refitting clothes option, so if the char gain new mutation that restrict it they need to refitting or redesign it which probably require high skill and advance material for advance equipment.

There is ongoing work to de-hard code the limb system (to allow body plans different from the normal human one). At some point it will probably be possible to adapt/make equipment fitting mutant anatomy beyond the current oversize/undersize one.
When (and if) depends on people electing to implement the functionality and usage of it. If the mechanics get there you’d still need a huge amount of work to define the various new JSON items and recipes for them (unless the mechanics somehow manages to do that automatically, but that’s a task on top of actually making it possible to define in the first place).

There are also issues with equipment interfering with mutation properties, such as e.g. claws being usable as weapons, but you can’t really cover these with normal types of gloves and retain the special functionality (currently implemented as an inability to wear certain items with certain mutations, or use mutation abilities with certain items, but no functionality to allow anything adapted to allow both).

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oh good luck then :smile:

for claw and stuff cant be use to attack if wearing normal type i have no issue with it either, though if the modification/customization are implemented i think there should be an option either reinforce the glove to increase the claw attack (since there some claw glove out there or think about sabaton with the extended tip one as what i mean) or clipping it to let the claw out.

I know that certain materials are meant to be able to seal back up automatically after being pierced, such as the caps on vials of injectable medicine, which allow sticking a syringe needle through the cap but become re-sealed sealed once the needle is out. Of course, I don’t know how they’d handle claws, which would be significantly larger than a syringe needle, nor do I know how plausible it would be for a survivor to work with these materials while crafting equipment.

Its just thin rubber. It wouldn’t work at survivor claw scale - the only reason the rubber appears to survive is because its only being split by an absolutely tiny object and springs back, and even then there’s actually particles of rubber torn off and introduced into the contents. Doing that with a human claw is going to assuredly tear the material irreparably, its going to split and tear as you progress down and the claw widens and lengthens. So you either give up environmental protection and just leave claw openings, or make the claws unusable.

I see… Well, thank you for letting me know!