I still use the old wiki even though it is heavily dated. Can someone contact Whales about giving people here access to it to update it?
I don’t think this game needs to be kept totally separate from Whales. I would put him on the front page with a link to the old forums as well. There is a ton of information there.

I saw in another thread people didn’t like the idea of advertising this place on the old forums. Why? People are missing out? I only found it due to the Dwarf Fortress forums. Just give Whales his due.

I’ll probably make a new wiki at some point, I’m already an admin on the old one so it’s not really a permission thing.

why not just continue the old one? or at worst, include a link to it on here.

Because the old one is on Whale’s site and for Whale’s game, in case he ever picks it back up.

Link to new wiki? I need to post actual helpful stuff put comedy in the forums.