how come there is a link from the main website to the forum, but no link from the forums to the main website?

Good question.

Um most forums don’t have links to the game they are for if they are an official site. It’s kinda intrinsically assumed that if you reached the forum you did so through the main site (look at the minecraft or DF forums for example, neither one has links back to the main site). In fact just about the only forums I’ve seen that do have links back to the main sites are ones that are intrinsically built into the site itself, as opposed to being a slightly different webpage that is linked to the main site.

I have a bookmark for the main site, the forums, and the recent changes page of that Jenkins thing.

Funny on my old laptop because I keep forgetting to make a bookmark for the recent changes.
I have a bookmark for the forums, but I have to search for the main page to find the Jenkins link every 2 days LOL.

I still think it would be easier to have a link from the forum to the main site so we don’t have to keep a separate tab open for downloading the experimentals.