Why we cannot have multistored houses by now (and other good things)

And here there are, above ground z-levels… and jumping!

- “I hope there is a swimming pool down below…”

For the proof of concept there is modified shelter that now has three levels above the ground, actually two + roof, and there is underground basement as usual. On the roof there is LAW rocket launcher and some ammo, but to get there you’ll have to solve a little jumping-platformer puzzle I designed to demonstrate what I was talking about earlier on.

From the 2nd floor of the shelter there are three different paths leading to roof, but they are not very obvious and you will need to use your new ability to jump in order to get there and overcome obstacles. Let me know if you can get to the roof and how easy or hard it was, and was it fun. How High Can You Try?

    I quickly hacked jump key on top of “peek” action, so when you press SHIFT+X you’ll get option to chose jump or peek. If you press Y for “jump” you’ll get something similar to targeting screen, you will see small yellow ‘x’ and big red ‘X’. Yellow ‘x’ marks the point you run to and from where you jump of, while red ‘X’ marks the point where you should land on. The more distance you have to run the further you will be able to jump. Note however if you jump through closed window the impact will shorten your jump distance.

To successfully jump from platform to platform yellow cross should be on the platform you are jumping from and red cross should be on the platform you are jumping to. If not, then you will fall down a level, or two, unless you jumped close to an edge of a tile you can grab and hang on to. To jump through a window yellow cross should be inside and red cross outside, like on that screenshot above.

DOWNLOAD (19. April): MGSmod rev.23b

Gona play with this in a bit. See if I can’t jump a house. Likely? No, sadly not but maybe, just maybe.