CDDA (advanced building and terrain)

im putting this up to see what you guys would think about the ability to build underground bunkers or be able to creat somthing on top of a mountain. or just adding higher and lower elevations “and yes this can be done as seen in other games like atom” and or islands and oceans instead of just solid contenent all the way around.

It would be really nice, but it just hasn’t been done yet. The framework for z-levels has only recently had tangible progress, so things taking advantage of it will be some time away. Underground things can be built already, just look for a pickaxe. Islands and oceans are technically possible right now, but overmap generation needs a bit of work to really make that happen.

Yeah, once we start to see some of the more results end of Z-levels (which isn’t there yet, but it’s actually having tangible progress now thanks to Coolthulu) we should start to see some more ups and downs in the game. After that we’ll probably get riverboats, and after that we’ll probably get an eventual ocean to go sailing on (though those last two might end up switched). It’s still a lot of backend work, but it’s definitely something that we’d like to do eventually.