Why mycus is too lazy?

In the world of cataclysm, we have several large factions that dominate all the lower ones:
blob, triffids, mycus, and whatever the factions do in this game, they try to do it:

the blob, no matter how lazily it treats the absorption of all mankind, still improves mutants, improves their strength, muscles, the structure of their shell, their varieties, from doctors to literally walking tanks with legs from dozens of corpses (I’m sure the blob created such a monster somewhere, we already have many aberrations, even a whole giga of organic matter under a collapsed building, a semi-living tank is still fine).

Triffids are trying their best to kill and absorb every organic they meet, they cultivate forests, do heavy work.

even lower-level factions contribute, for example:
MIGOS steal people for experiments, scout cities, capture and experiment with zombies in their camps, and judging by the fact that their diversity of forms increases over time, they are aiming at this seriously.

While the last major player of major factions, the collective consciousness of mushrooms capable of turning entire cities into huge spore colonies in a matter of days, along with all its inhabitants, is the only faction and entity in the game that has truly accepted the player into its faction, literally absorbing him into itself and making him an intermediary of its will (this is exactly how it should be work, isn’t it? we have become one with the whole collective mind, so from now on our character-although a grain, but remains the will of a major player) is so lazy and does not care about his work… just look at it: its towers are nothing more than large inflorescences of fungal biomass collected in bundles to increase the rate of reproduction specifically in these areas, while all the “pure” forms of the fungus: a mushroom, a young mushroom and a mushroom tentacle protecting the mushroom tower. The mushroom collective mind absolutely does not seek to … infect or protect itself: mushrooms are absolutely defenseless, the only thing they can answer the enemy with is a jet of spores in the face, which do not always work. You can take a bat and a gas mask in your hands and beat dozens, hundreds and thousands of its towers, bodies and appendages, only to come to a new tower, stand in front of another mushroom body that will not even pay attention to the one who interferes with the colonial program. Even after infecting a player, we get into our arsenal first of all the possibility of spreading spores, and then we get fire resistance, reinforcement during combat and strong skin. but… this is just a set of ordinary mushroom drone. Micus doesn’t take care of himself at all. in dreams, the collective consciousness itself complains to us that the trifids want to use them as food, but there are no attempts to fight this… how much more dangerous would the mushroom collective mind become, and how much would its potential increase if it started creating at least partially combat forms? for example, a long mushroom the size of an alligator, having a mushroom tentacle instead of a tail, which infects any creature extremely quickly. or did it allow mushroom drones to have a spare bag of spores, which they will happily empty only at a certain moment in order to drown an animal in a huge number of spores, killing or infecting it at 1 moment?