The best and at the same time the worst neighbor for you!

mycus, an incredibly fast-growing fungus. most creatures are not able to fight it in any way (except for robot tanks, shogots and similar creatures), 1 mushroom is able to completely infect, destroy and enslave an entire refugee center, city, metropolis!!!

but even so, it’s the safest creature if you don’t get too close. if you live in a house whose streets are infected with a fungus, all that is required of you is to bypass the fungus. he is not aggressive, and his slaves are weak.

mikus strives to make everyone united, but apparently he doesn’t think too much about his own protection. Triffids not only fulfill their mission by terraforming everything into the forest, they also destroy any signs of enemies. and they do it successfully.

the only reason why people don’t like micus is that FPS is falling in its habitat (there is no FPS in the cataclysm, but sleep and crafting are very long)

this situation seems very strange to me


They’re also bloody hard to eradicate, or at least they used to, I dunno now after many updates since I still prefer to play with them.

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My personal problem with the mycus is that it can infect you. Accidentally walk into a spore cloud or get stung by one of its barbs? You are doomed unless you go and get some medication.

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Doomed? I think spore that fly in air can infect you with parasite only with small chance. If u get attacked by fungus-yes. But air-spores?

There is the spore cloud “monster”. If it explodes near you, spores literally sink in your skin, dusting you in spores. Fungus-infested areas are full of those. The small chance isn’t that small anymore.