Need Some Advice

I hope this is the best place to ask this in, but I dunno if folks know but I and another run a C:DDA Facebook group.

It used to be active, but now with no stable to make huge update posts it has been… quite dead.
The thing is though… I am not sure what to do to get it active again.
If there is ever a post there is attention and conversation, but the problem is I have no idea what to post.

Maybe I should consider with the other if it might be a good idea to get a third person on board that would be more active and have things to post…

Anyways, as the title says I could use advice for what to post and what to do to keep the place active.

The following things come to my mind:

  • Bigger updates from experimental builds ; For example, the Nutrition Update or the Vehicle update would have been worthy of a post.
  • (good) new videos about CDDA / Let’s plays of it.
  • Noteworthy new stories/art about CDDA
  • Big or important bugfixes
  • News about the next stable version (whenever THAT comes out)
  • Infos about other roguelikes people might enjoy
  • Tips & Tricks for newer players (or even a beginners guide)
  • News about planned features
  • Funny screenshots of stuff happening in cdda

Of course, depending on how you want to run the Group, some of those options might not be a good idea. Depending on the people in the group, too many updates might also give them a reason to leave the group.
Still, a lot of people who are playing CDDA are actually not active in the forum, so you could provide an alternative source of information with your group to those people - if you’re able to get them to join that is.

I’m part of that group and I’d love to see wacky screenshots posted