Why is every moose so evil?

My big problem with Moose is they shouldn’t be in the game. I’ve lived in and around the northeastern US my entire life. I have never even heard of anyone who has seen a Moose. My understanding is that there are a (few) places where they still exist - but only in very small numbers. At some point, I’m going to get annoyed enough by it to make a remove moose mod.

The cataclysm world isn t realy 100% the same new england as it is today. Think of it like this: They successfully restored habitats andprotected the mosse so they could multiplie to a larger number then they are today… its some years from now and they did the same with them wolves :smiley:

in my country beavers were nearly in state of extinction today population of beavers is bigger so in cata before cataclysm something like that happen to moose it have some logic

Obviously the abundance of moose is evidence of a first strike on Canada’s part prior to the cataclysm.

I live in Boston and go backpacking in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine and can say moose are much more common then you think. In fact doing a quick search the 2013 estimate of the Maine moose population was between 60,000-70,000.