Why is crafting so slow?

I am permanently on 91% slow despite using a crafting bench and high morale and focus. Why? Is this another “fun feature”?

In which version? With what mods? Etc…

Just some things that come into my mind (and I could guess all day):

  • Light level
  • Tiredness/Fatigue
  • Weariness
  • Missing proficiencies
  • Missing skill level
  • Temperature
  • Sickness
  • Thirst
  • Hunger

You lack one or more proficiencies of the given recipe. Or maybe you maxed everything out and that is the max achievable speed.

wearing gloves seems to gives you a yellow box top right crafting screen that says “crafting is slow 90 to 98%” it means <10% slower

Doesen’t happen with medical gloves. But yes, I noticed a lot of times that wearing too much does make crafting slower.

So crafting without a table/crafting bench is actually slower? I did not notice any signs of being slower when I just craft in the middle of my deathwagon.
What about crafting food?

Yes. E.g. workbench speeds up crafting by 20%. You can see the speedups in data/json/furniture_and_terrain/furniture-surfaces.json: "workbench": { "multiplier": 1.2, "mass": 500000, "volume": "200L" }

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Oh my, now, when I crafted 90% of things I might need, and my mobile base is 95% full of loot, weighting more than 10 tons, I need to rework it and find a place for workbench!

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Aye, had similar problem. Apparently the new weariness mechanic also limit how much work you can do till the next circadian cycle which can goes up to 2 to 3 times as slow. You just gotta sleep once your weariness goes red and workspeed would go back to normal

As mentioned in my earlier post, weariness is one of the many things that can influence the crafting speed (and it can do so heavily).

You don’t actually have to sleep to get rid of the weariness malus… doing a “none” activity is enough (waiting, reading books, …).

Since @o_Ro never reported back or specified the answer, we don’t know what his/her problem actually was.

Be careful, vehicle workbench has only 30L of space. A furniture one has 1000L of space. If the in-progress item does not fit those 30L then you will get no benefits.

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