Weariness Information

People say there isn’t enough information on what Weariness effects, but it’s easy enough to tell and you soon realize it affects most actions, being able to especially gauge by how much by following the time and/or action cost history.

The real problem is there not being any information on what actions give Weariness and to what degree.

Is digging holes really bad for Weariness, or only causes some Weariness in comparison to more common activities? The same amount as tilling fields or does field tilling cause Weariness at all? Is combat the biggest factor, if so by how much? Does working on vehicles cause Weariness and if so comparable to combat or a different amount? Does some crafting still give Weariness - so you can’t just take a break by crafting anything? What’s it based off if so, certain tools, tiers or things crafted? Does shooting guns/ranged give Weariness? As much as melee combat?

With Weariness being the major and common thing that it is, some feedback on what causes it and to what levels to learn to work with it would be great, especially when trying to work out how to stay productive while taking a break without just literally AFK for a couple hours each day.

In real life we have a pretty good idea of what activities cause what amounts of Weariness.

well weariness is also a vague concept as well… you could say that reading a book could or could not cause you weariness, depending on if you’re enjoying reading the book or if its a particularly thick and boring concept, but we already have the joy meter for that… your character enjoys reading a book they enjoy and dont enjoy reading what they dont.

prolonged activity of doing something over and over and over again will cause weariness… theres two definitions though, and so actions that take a lot of physical strength (like chopping down a tree) cause fatigue (in the form of weariness)

regardless, sitting around not doing anything for several minutes in game, or making your character take a couple hour nap, will remove most if not all of your weariness.

It is physical weariness, not mental exhaustion.

… i mean, you say that, but on several spots on this forum theres people who have gotten weariness from driving a boat, and i’ve gotten weariness from reading books and crafting light objects (like repairing clothing, which really isnt considered ‘physical work’)

you -can- get it from physical weariness but thats not the only place you get it… if its not intended to be that way then it should probably get fixed

weariness is raised based on the amount of calories burned and lessened by resting, sleeping and a little by consuming calories so if you are right on the threash holt of a weariness tier you might go over just form base metabolic rate.

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Yeah, this makes it hard to say some action is giving you X amount of weariness. Actions that make you burn more calories make you more weary, but there are a variety of other factors that feed in.
What the opening post is requesting specifically is what I outlined in this comment.


Wish it was easier to tell when you were gaining and losing wearyness and how much. It’s an extraordinarily opaque system. I strongly dislike it for that. Anything you feel to such a degree you would naturally have much more information on from your own body.

Oh, it’s even more convoluted than i thought.

A display of current activity level would be great, if not a necessity.

Not having to check the Character Sheet to keep an eye on current weariness changes would be nice too, as well as the effects of weariness also listed in the “effects” or “speed” section of the character sheet like other things.

But again, some way to check activity level (or calorie burn) for the current situation/action to have any information at all about the cause of such a major mechanic, would be great.

There is also the factor of fitness (it is now a thing). This means that your character gets fitter over time as you do stuff increasing not only your short turn stamina but also increasing your weariness threasholds.

Is it? I though workouts currently only give some morale and burn excess calories.


It is determined not by workouts but by the number of calories you have burned in a day. Logic being that workouts are kind of redundant for your survivor since you are getting more than enough exercise anyway, no need to give workouts any kind of special attention.

i mean, by that logic, workouts affect fitness because they burn calories

… but yeah i see what you mean.

I wish we’d have this. I suppose the activity_level json tag specifies how hard a craft is, but there are so many more actions where I don’t know how to look up the exertion level.

My character woke up at 6h30 and is already lightly weary by 10h00. I noticed that reading books reduces weariness level, but there’s only so much I can read before focus goes under “you are just wasting time” level. How exerting is disassembly, butchering, vehicle repair/install/remove?

Even drank atomic coffee and still weary. Pretty sure it does nothing but prevent me from sleeping, something I have issues with already.

Don’t take all I say for granted, it’s based on what I collected around reading things about it.

I did read somewhere that it’s here just to prevent people from using too much calories.

Basically at some point each action started to cost more or less calories (digging cost a lot for example).

People started having trouble because digging 10 hole in a day would mean it’s impossible in most case to eat enough calories to keep up with the cost (was especially true since at some point cooking was costing way too much calories, making it useless to cook as it could make you more hungry).

So this weariness system should slow you down if you do action that cost calories, so in the end you cannot reach the point when it’s impossible for your stomach to keep up.

Reading is probably a light task, so you might see sometime that you get more weary as you cross a threshold but overall you should not go up to the medium weariness effect (when you get a slow down).

In the end it slow down the progression - but IMO, it’s not a bad thing since it’s already quite fast to progress (beside melee skill).

But yeah, it’s a tad annoying you don’t really know if an action is costly or not - but since it’s overall quite logic (based on real life), I don’t think it’s a big deal.

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Crude patch to show exertion level of crafting: Debian Pastezone

I don’t know what is going on, I am “Very weary” and when I sleep I still toss and turn for hours, even though I see “You are exhausted” in the log.

EDIT: tossed and turned for 4 hours (till 05h30), I am over a bed and have pillows and blankets there, by all logic I should have no trouble whatsoever sleeping.

At least tossing and turning apparently counts into sleeping, and the character still wakes up with “you feel well rested” 8 hours after going to sleep.

You need to understand that being tired and being weary is two different things.

When you toss and turn, you are trying to fall asleep. Try to avoid using stimulant, being at last “tired”, get the right mutation (accomplished sleeper), get a good bed and you will fall asleep quicker (if not immediately).

When you are weary you might NOT be tired, so you won’t be able to sleep yet (so either wait or do a low calorie activity).

BS. The more you’re weary the more you should be inclined to sleep. Try explaining how it does make sense otherwise.

If you want a less crude patch, you can apply this PR (it’s different, but in the same vein).