[EVERY] The Craft Screen lagginess

Why does the craft screen takes so much time to open or select another tab when there’re many items which can be crafted?

I’ve just made a little spectation: if there’s no any item that can be crafted then the craft screen works fast. But than more recipes are white in selected tab than more time it takes to open.

I can’t understand what thing cause that. Maybe, that’s coloring in the white?

No, it’s just the number of available recipes. I’m guessing the code goes through the availability checks every time you change a tab.

Ive noticed this too. why does it take longer to check if they can be crafted then if they can’t?

This has been fixed at least partially in the latest experimentals by 1player. There’s plenty of bugs in experimental due to the feature freeze for 0.9 being lifted, so be on the lookout for those if you try to play it, however.

In my experience the Crafting screen only seems to get bogged down when there’s a ton of crap either able to be crafted or when my laptop is already bogged down to begin with. While playing DF I encountered a similar problem, the cause was I had well over several thousand bars of assorted metal and every tick the game was checking what it could make with those, what the temperature of them was, etc, etc, it slowed my game to a crawl. I wonder if a similar thing is happening in CDDA.

I’ve worked around it with find, rather than chugging through the food and ammo screens to make clean water just F and ‘clean’ and you’re good to go. Sort of ironic that a search is faster than a list :slight_smile: