Why don't guns do piercing damage instead of cutting damage?

I’m just wondering. Could piercing armor be coded in? Or maybe a new armor type(projectile)? Bullets and arrows will still have some of the other damage types but less of it, and higher projectile damage. Maybe this could help balance endgame armors to make medieval armors have better defense against cutting and bashing and survivor armor have better protection against piercing and projectiles. And maybe stab-proof vests with high piercing protection could be added too.

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Always wondered how pierce was handled as there isn’t an armor for it. Weird that guns would do cutting damage of all things though.

Piercing damage is just cutting damage with some armor piercing.

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If we wanted to be very specific, soft metal bullets shouldnt do piercing damage, but tearing or streeching damage. And thats what kevlar good for, while kevlar relativelly sucks at cullting damage and really sucks at piercing damage (the soft kind of kevlar). Only true AP rounds with steel or similar penetrators would do piercing damage, and to stop them you would need hard plates of some kind.
Piercing being just other version of cutting is a big simplification too, some armors cant handle piercing well because of how material is shaped (chainmail, non-rigid kevlar). And right now we have damage reduction linked to material type, so you cant have chainmail beig excellent at stopping cutting, medicore at stopping piercing and doing nothing to stop blunt.
But all theese things might be a bit overcomplicated for needs of the game.