Cut(piercing)dmg should not be used against bullet dmg

Bullets do piercing damage and most armor can’t save you 4 round burst from a turret this can be annoying seeing in real life there are vest and armor the can stop 55.6 (most using ceramic or composite plate and yea i only take so many bullet before the plate is ruin and need to be replace and it is pretty heavy and most don’t offer full body protection only really the torso) not even heavy survivor armor doesn’t offer such protection but make you nearly immune normal Z will be better to have bullet dmg be is one thing why only having bashing and cut(piercing) and not adding different type of dmg only for bullet i now piercing can but can really say stab from knife is same as 9mm in effect and there is soft armor(kevlar) and hard(ceramic) there are a lot of video showing a bow or spear can go to soft armor and the can stop 9mm

and i mostly angry the mbr(ceramic plate) only offer like 45cut so yea i know it is for balance and Kevlar vest only 16 cut and can only really stop .22 so yea not even 9mm is for balance if you have higher cut dmg armor will make you nearly immune to most thing i only looking kevlar vest can stop 9mm and most melee weapon go pass it

and most zombie deal bash dmg +0-3 cut dmg …so yea and most vest offer half the cut as bash amor like MBR vest and kevlar Bash: 8 Cut: 16

and pretty sure i make sound this post will be better off on Garage but yea late…

I agree.