Smoke Behavior Outside

If a smoke cloud is in a non roofed area it should dissipate very quickly. Smoke, being very hot, rises quickly. I’ve noted some very odd behaviors from smoke and constructions. I had a improvised shelter and some shallow pits dug. The smoke channeled into them and stayed there for quite a while. Fires smoke entirely too much. If you are burning dry wood a fire will barely smoke. If you are burning green wood a fire will smoke some. It’s when you burn things like pine boughs and greenery and such that you get a lot of smoke.

Fire with no roof or solid block over it (aka experimental 3d) should rarely smoke or place smoke in blocks above it.
Smoke surrounded by nothing but air and with no roof or block above it should have a strong chance to dissipate.

It’s intentional. Inside buildings smoke stays for dozens of minutes and can pretty much fill a whole room easily. Outside it’s not the case.

Editorus you aren’t getting what I’m saying. Outside you can’t do any crafting close to a fire as you’ll end up with heavy smoke in your lungs and coughing… As someone who grew up camping that is pretty ridiculous. Yeah, the wind can shift and you’ll get a face full of smoke, but it’s not smoking the point of leaving huge clouds of smoke. The point is that smoke outside is still ridiculous. The reason I included this in the bugs forum as opposed to the suggestion forum is the part where it sticks like glue to pits and improvised shelters. Which makes absolutely no sense at all and I assume it’s a bug.

Yeah, the smoke is both unrealistic and annoying with this constant choking. Not sure what would be the best way to solve it, though.

IRL someone who gets smoke blown in the face will probably hold breath or at worst cough a few times.
The smoke reduction could probably be toned down inside buildings. Or even totally removed and just replaced with raging fire being opaque. It is a major resource hog, probably constitutes most of the lag that is caused by burning buildings.

Whether something smokes or not depends on what is burning. Regular wood, especially wood that has been dried properly, does not smoke. Since we don’t want to get into the whole drying thing I’d say treat all logs, heavy sticks, two by fours, and splintered wood as properly dried. (unless someone wants to make a system for wet and dry wood. :P) If you burn almost anything else that is flammable I’d say the fire should smoke very much. Interior fires will cause more issues of course. No matter what you are burning the fumes put off by it are going to accumulate. So I’d say turn off smoking fires outside. Interior fires not in containers should stay the same.