Why do zombies like to strip you?

Often in the early game at least, zombies have a tendency to try and tear off my clothing. Does anyone know why zombies are perverts? Even in death they retain their rather inappropriate desires it seems…
Also, would this could more of being in the ‘rec’ category, rather than the bunker? Sometimes I’m not certain.

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A mass case of exhumed-bitten-ism.

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What’s happening here is that clothing you’re wearing takes damage when enemies hit you.

Probably your clothing is taking damage faster in early game due to you getting hit more often and due to having clothing that is damaged more easily.


I do in fact know why in game terms, but I made this thread to talk about how it certainly feels like they all just wanna take off your clothes.

Because you’re reading into combat damage something that isn’t there.

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Because they’re mindless creatures using their claws. Yes, they have claws, they’re called fingernails. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also what ShadowDragon said.



It’s probably a combination of early-game having few clothes, and having clothes which are not very damage resistant.

Once you’re dripping in gear, you’ll find the zombies mysteriously ripping your holsters and ammo pouches and armored neckties or whatever you’re wearing more often than tearing your polo shirt.

… What, you don’t wear an armored necktie to the apocalypse?


all fake news. They really want to strip you for the same reason you strip the package of your food, to reach the goodies inside :slight_smile: