Is it ever going to be fixed so that zombies don’t strip during resurrection?

Maybe this should be in the drawing board instead or something, I dunno.
Either way, I’m already not interesting in looking at a bunch of dongs, even less so rotting zombie dongs.
It’s uncomfortable to be playing and realize the seven zombies you killed right next to you are butt naked, like some sort of weird, disgusting fetish. shivers

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You could just pretend that you arent seeing zombie dongs, by like, not imagining zombie dongs.

I manage to not imagine zombie dongs all the time.


But in many cases I like to imagine what I’m doing more realistically in my head, adding a bit of extra detail, story, and such.
Maybe I did some sort of trick shot or cool looking attack or something, I dunno. Maybe I imagine my character breathing hard after a long battle, bloodied with his collapsed foes.
And by default I have accidentally ending up picturing this in my head, and it was not please.
Reminds me a bit of an add, said something like ‘don’t think about chewing on a bunch of toenails.’ Although that also came with a ‘crunch’ sound as well.

If you want to think about things realistically, think about how zombies are generally depicted as consuming things. Humans that consume things produce waste, and it would gradually work its way out their hind parts. So, being naked is actually a tactical advantage because it prevents them from getting blockages due to the inability to excrete waste, which would lead to impacted bowels and presumably damaged/exploded intestinal stuff.

I read a zombie book where they engineered the virus so they’d strip naked for this exact reason. It was a bad book, and I’m pretty sure whoever wrote it was just a perv because they said some things about underage girls I don’t approve of, so I can’t really recommend it, but it comes to mind whenever I see nekkid zombies.

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Hmm, I suppose that strangely enough does actual make some sense. However, given that while the zombies are rotted they don’t seem to rot a whole lot further, and frequently have various different mutations that don’t make the slightest sense, I feel like this particular issue would somehow end up not being an issue.
Perhaps the zombies that have run into that issue are the boomers, spitting some sort of ‘bile.’ And maybe some of the fat zombies aren’t fat in how you’d normally consider it.
Given all the stuff that has and can happen, while I hope it never is added, a zombie with some sort of fecal mutation is not a wild idea given context.

The zombies aren’t naked. They don’t have the coordination to take off their clothes, especially not when dead. Just think of it as a meta representation of you having had the opportunity to loot what you want from them. If you didn’t loot their pants and briefs, they’re still wearing them.

Recommend it anyway. Searching for “zombies that strip naked, book” doesn’t turn up anything. You’d think it would.

I’m sure it would be possible to add loot drops to the butchery menu. They would simply not drop anything on death, and would require stripping to get the items. At the least it leads to less clutter when items and zombie spawns are cranked up.

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Do with it what you will, I made my displeasure known.

Ah. I like Ringo. Thanks.

Odd, you’d think Rule 34 would have that covered.

Hmmmm, I wonder if these type of zombies count as necrophilia. Considering they’re hosts to an alien parasite that mutates them into a entirely different species, then they’d be more akin to “aliens” or “eldritch abominations” than “undead”.

. . . Please don’t perv the zombies.


Non escape the internet unchanged; Hue hue hue.

One doesn’t prevent the other :stuck_out_tongue:

You could just pretend that you arent seeing zombie dongs, by like, not imagining zombie dongs.

I manage to not imagine zombie dongs all the time.

Sorry in advance for a tiny off topic. It’s the most funny post on this boards in several weeks. Thanks for the laugh.


“I’m not here to eat your brains, I’m here to ‘eat you out’”


(Proceeds to actually eating you alive, like a normal zombie)

Zombie voyeurism aside, does anyone know if this can actually be done or how much effort it would take?

Perhaps if the zombie dont really fall dead, only receive some status like: down, paralyzed, broken dreams, abandoned by wife, etc
And if player try to strip the zombie (that action take some time) the guy just get up and demand brains or sue the player for sexual harassment.
In less words: he fall, you need time for loot, possible raise while loot.
Sorry for my english :stuck_out_tongue:

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It would be pretty creppy if the zombies never really died (instead of dying and ressurrecting after a while) unless you bash their corpses or just blow em up. I dont know if the player could loot “downed” Zs with the normal UI tho.