Advanced Inventory Question

I’m not particularly sure if this is a bug or not since I can see the value in having this as an option later in the game. But when using the advanced inventory it appears to be automatically moving things out of cardboard boxes, plastic bags and plastic cups.
I was just wondering how to change this if possible as I can’t see any commands related to it and I haven’t seen any bug reports or complaints about it after an admittedly very short search here.
TL;DR - I want my damn 4 volume box of cookies not my 4 volume cardboard box 1 volume handful of cookies.

Noticed the same. It also separates the box/bag/cup from food or other item when grabbing it normally too.

Yea, I’m finding the same issue. I’m starting to think it’s a bug since it doesn’t make sense that you would separate the stuff out automatically.

Edit: It might be work that is apart of the nested containers update that is being done here:
which will be really awesome if it pans out.