Disappearing items? (git 00efc6d7fe)

I am near to a pile of 16 bird litter, and when I try to move it all with ‘,’, I get the following:

DEBUG : lost target item of ACT_PICKUP

FUNCTION : bool Pickup::do_pickup(std::vector<item_location>&, std::vector&, bool)
FILE : src/pickup.cpp
LINE : 424

and when I try picking the litter up one-by-one with ‘M’, I see 2 items being removed from the source list with each press. Any clues as to what is going on?

Hmm, every second that I wait, a litter disappears. Since most of them are rotten, it is quite possible that they are rotting away in front of my eyes? … I also see litter dissapearing from other stacks.

Yes, that’s very possible, had it happen to me too. And since you are limited on how many you can pick up each turn, others may rot away and are therefore “missing” when your character tries to pick them up in the next turn.

Hmm, can things also rot away in inventory or is that disabled for some reason?

Unless that changed again, yes, they can rot away, but might not do so instantaneously (as in; it might take a few turns (or even minutes) to register them “rotted away”).

Is there a way to see how much time a rotten item has before rotting away? Like one can see how much time non-rotten items have before becoming rotten.

There was a debug function to see the current rot timer (you’d need to know what’s the “max”), I think it was bound to the architects artifact, but I’m not sure it transferred over to the new style of things.
Other than going through the save to check the rot timer, there’s no “normal” way in game (that I know of) to do that.

You might want to try spawning a “clairvoyance relic” to check if it’s still in game.

Ah ok, not sure if it is worth the effort, then.

What happens with rotten items in refrigerators? I’ve had rotten items in there for a full in-game month now.

I’m not sure about refrigerators, I think they do rot away given enough time.
Other than if they are frozen: Then they will never rot away.

Alright, I’ll chuck it all into freeezers.

I have to craft more freezers. More more.

In earlier versions (probably still in 0.E stable) there was a bug feature where items in vehicle inventories would never rot away.
… I miss those times with cars full of unbuchered but smashed corpses and tons of tainted meat…

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Just FYI: if you’re playing with Aftershock, there’s a recipe to make a bigass vehicle freezer from standing (furniture, non-vehicle)fridge.

It is available by enabling debug mode.