Thread for Nested item issues

Couple of issues I have noticed recently.

  1. In advanced inventory if you do A for all and try to move to a space say 5 and use the , or move all command the game crashers
  2. When Unloading items some times they unload the item into your inventory but don’t actually unload the item, leading to item duplication. For example I unloaded a jar of sugar and noticed it still showed in the unload menu. So I did it multiple times and ended up with 25 sugar in my inventory and the same jar of sugar on the ground.
  3. When moving aluminum cans or tin cans it opens the container prompting the spill or dump message for the item to appear. If I see more nest3ed item issues I will add them here.
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I had one where if I (i) insert like a can of soup or something into some clothing, then take off the clothing, the entire piece of gear would just vanish. Never to be seen again.

Couldn’t you report the issues on github? It would be more visible and easier to track for the people who might actually fix it.

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Well you know how bug reporting works:


Yea Ive also had all these issues, especially with having my things just disappear. Ofcourse I know its an experimental so yea lol.

Something weird with cans and other containers that are mend to prevent food spoilage but just don’t.