Which patch i need on Windows 7 to launch new 1.51. launcher?

“…Dropped support for old versions of Windows. This version might not work with unpatched versions of Windows 7 or Windows 8 or lower…”

Which patch i need on Windows 7 to launch new 1.51. launcher?

^I second this

Even after installing python 3.8 (latest available for win7) I still get

Fatal error detected
Failed to execute script pyi_rth_pkgres

which I kinda cannot find neither in launcher install dir nor in its github so I guess it just doesn’t work with 3.8, therefore it just isn’t supported on win7 at all.
…or am I wrong?

My launcher is just crashing out while uploading the update…or before even launching…I updated everything also and the KB thing tells me It’s not needed for my machine…I am not upgrading windows just to play a single game…

You do not have to upgrade your operating system to play CDDA - it should be perfectly playable on Windows 7.

There’s no reason to update/upgrade your operating system to play the game.
I’m playing on Windows 7 since 0.C stable without any problems or special updates/upgrades.

Also, the launcher is not needed to play the game.
It makes it easier to update the game and shuffle mods around.
But the launcher it’s a third party tool and not needed to play the game.
You can download the game on the main homepage or on GitHub just fine and grab all the mods you might want manually.

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you could just revert to a previous version of windows too

probably a good idea anyways with all the spyware they put on your device with each update

1.5.4 launcher works with w7.
No guarantees are given about next versions, though, but at least this one is working for now.