Which mods are currently compatible?

Hey all,

Long time fan of Cataclysm here, but not played for months and months and looking to get back into the game., but I’m a little confused as to the situation with mods.

Are all the mods bundled with the main experimental download currently working and compatible? Are all the mods downloadable through the Cataclysm launcher working and compatible? Do some of the mods bundled with the main experimental download still have more recent updates that need downloading separately?

Or do I just need to basically check the individual thread of every single mod to see what the status is atm?

And just to save me making a whole other thread just for this question, is the latest experimental relatively stable or is there some particular revision I’m better off grabbing for now?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

It is hard to tell with the recent breaking changes. This issue is being worked on. New breaking changes are and should now be documented to help with this.

I would like to know this answer to this one as well. I could update the launcher repository to only include mods that work with the latest experimental version.

The current state for mod support is somewhat sad but we are working on improving it.

The latest experimental is often stable enough but I think there are a few bugs right now making it less than ideal. Try it and see for yourself.