What mods still work together?

I think this is the right board. Im new to this site. Was hoping someone could help me with a modlist. I LOVE adding mods to my games. Ive been playing CDDA for awhile now, and Ive tried modding it. I can add some mods, but some others dont work together (Ends up making lawn gnomes the only loot, or other equally ridiculous bugs lol). Heres what I would love to have if possible.

The most advanced weapons and futuristic gear mods, Dinosaurs (Ofc!), Mechas (If possible), LOTS of Bionics and Mutations, and new locations.

Anyone able to help me put together a modpack that works together?

I have an archive of mods that work with 0.G Stable (which is also the same version used on Steam). Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of experimental as it changes rapidly and fixing mods takes time.

Best practice with experimental is to stick to mods that are kept up to date by their authors (cataclysm++ and arcana as examples).

I hope the archive helps: GitHub - TheRafters/0.G-Stable-Archive: 0.G Stable Mods

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Awesome! I just tried the archive, and they all work well together. I really appreciate your help!