Cataclysm Stops Responding after trying to load a save?

So I’ve have had this problem before where I’ll make it about three days in than cataclysm will suddenly stop responding and when i try to load my save it again stops responding. It is very weird. Anyway to fix this without deleting my save? I’d really like to be able to continue with my save…

I’ve only ever had this problem when loading a save from an old build of the game (I update through git daily). Not sure what to tell you.

When you’re done playing, are you quitting the game or just closing the window?

It seems like some parts of the map are only saved when the client itself is closed. If you just save and quit the character, then close the window, you may not be saving everything. Not 100% sure what the does, but I’ve just learned not to do it.

Basically, when you’re done playing

Shift + S to save and quit
At the main menu, scroll down and quit the game gracefully

Oh ok thanks! Yea i usaly just save and exit then close the window.