Where's the Janitor?

The wiki lists “Janitor” as one of the available professions in the game. I’m planning a series of videos using characters designed by my patrons, and the first one asked to be a Janitor. But when I generated a new world (using quite a few mods but not disabling anything that’s there by default) and tried to make a new character, Janitor isn’t on the list. I even tried using a filter - no matches found. I’ve tried several different scenarios including the default one, which says all professions are unlocked. Yet no Janitor. Has this profession been removed or renamed? If it’s gone, is there a simple way I can re-add it? Or am I somehow doing something wrong? I can’t seem to find an answer anywhere. Thanks in advance!

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By default, never trust the Wiki, that thing is, as far as I know, hilariously out of date on basically everything.

With that being said, yes, the Janitor profession was thrown out of the game, it’s not a viable starting option anymore. I’m also not aware of any mods which add the janitor back in, so…yeah.
Modding the game isn’t that hard though, so adding the Janitor back in isn’t much of an issue. You have two options here:

  1. You make a mod, adding the Janitor (and any other profession you want/need) into the game. I believe there are some tutorials on modding, but it’s not that difficult in the first place, just look at the jsons of the main game and how mods are structured, and you could easily copy-paste whatever you need, make some adjustments, change names, add/remove items, and you’re golden.
  2. If you don’t plan on updating the game while playing, you could update the maingame professions.json directly, in order to add the janitor back in. This does not require you to add a mod to your world, it will be overwritten every time you update to a newer version though.

In any case, here is the .json entry for the janitor, directly ripped from the Stable 0.C

    "type": "profession",
    "ident": "janitor",
    "name": "Janitor",
    "description": "You earned a living from sweeping up chocolate wrappers and picking chewing gum from under tables. Now the only thing you'll be sweeping are the brains of the dead.",
    "points": -1,
    "items": {
        "both": [
        "male": [
        "female": [

Looking at it, the whole thing should still work like a charm too.

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Thanks very much! That’s everything I needed to know. Shame about the wiki list of professions… I don’t have an easier way to show all the professions to my patrons who don’t play the game and don’t wish to go through the process of installing it themselves. I don’t expect this playthrough to last too long, so I’ll just drop that in the base game profession file as you say and not update until I’m done with it. Again, many thanks!

You could always just…ya know, open the game and start generating a character, write down all the professions available and then show the list to your folks :slight_smile: That would at least be more up to date than the wiki, especially since some new professions were added as well.

You mean, put in the effort to list them all myself…? Madness!!!

But yeah, I should probably do that if the wiki is that out of date. The problem is that won’t give them the info about starting equipment, skills, etc., and it would be quite a large effort to give them all that just for a one-off character choice. Well, I’ll figure something out!

You’re making videos, right? I’d assume so, or your patrons couldn’t watch you killing them in the apocalypse after all.
The easiest way would be to make a video then, showing off all the professions in the character creation screen. You only have to hover over every professions for a few seconds, they can stop the video and read, OR you could speak a bit more in depth about the professions, their pros and cons, and of course speak about the cost of each profession and so on :slight_smile:

Hmmmmmm. That… Is a pretty good idea. I may do just that. Thanks again. :smiley:

I would suggest the Handy Man. Similar enough and you can use the multi-tool from start =D