Where to go from here

Version 0.C is what I’ve been playing with for the past long while. Any ideas what i should try next?


The experimentals aren’t nearly as unstable as the name suggests, you should give them a spin! (Having autosave on is recommended, though. Just as a precaution.)

and game breaking bugs are fixed in something about hour so its nothing bad

Experimentals are found on this site?

You can get them from the main site, in the right sidebar.

Clicking one of those will take you to a download page, just pick one of the links and it’ll download the experimental.

Just a warning, the experimental have changed the game ALOT since 0.C

Thanks for the info

If you can, you should also dropbox a copy of base 0.C here. StopSignal just asked me for a copy, and it would save me some time finding it.

how i do that?

i zipped it and the file is still too large

I’ve been running an experimental from about 6 months ago, right after they implemented (working) magazines, and I’ve been modding my own weapons, armor, and professions in the json… very fun, very easy. All you need is Notepad++ and a little bit of time. Copy and paste an item/gun with similar stats and then tweak what you want to change about it, save, and you’re good to go. Just make sure you are being really careful about the punctuation/spacing in Notepad++.

How big did it end up being after zipping?


Clear the cataclysm-0.C/save directory and try zipping it again. If it’s still too large then delete all the directories in the base-directory except data, lang and lua; the game only needs those directories for running it. Zip it again and it shouldn’t be >15M.

Might I suggest an actual Json editor? I use JSON edit, it’s free, has no issues, is open source, and much nicer than notepad++. Been using it for about a year and a half now.