(Experimental Build) improvement and problems

so its been a long time since i play C:DDA (recently im being more focused on classic pc games) so i decided to check on experimental build and found that i have missing so many version since stable 0.D which mean that the game must be having some major changes now. so i downloaded the latest experimental version ( well not recent but build 8840 ) and play the game on random character mode. the new things i notice is :

  1. new mods, Aftershock is on the mod list now and its really good to see new mod in-game. although its conflicting with Bright nights but its nice to see choice for sci-fi cataclysm mod. there’s more new mod in-game but mostly its good QoL mod for the game.

  2. new sidebar, im really surprised to see sidebar is now overhauled and can be set to show armor and stuff, also the option to change the sidebar to look more compact, labels or classic normal sidebar (im still getting used to compact). this give a new look to in-game UI and looking forward to see this improvement.

  3. so many QoL changes, there’s so many changes to the gameplay now. from examining items on table to consuming foods, all of them has been improved/overhauled to be more comfort and complex. this also add more depth in-game and makes the game more bigger in mechanism.

along with some of these improvements. there’s also problems that exist within the game :

  1. spring is like winter, i don’t know if this is intended or not, but somehow playing the game on spring is as hard as playing on winter. all food is frozen and must be heated. and the weather itself is not friendly either (snowing almost every day) which gives the game 2 hard difficult weather and 2 easy weather (Summer and Autumn). i don’t mind playing on hard difficulty but it feels weird to see Spring is a difficult weather.

  2. getting hungry by eating food, this one is kinda funny because now consuming food is easier (no need to spam consume item button or “E” to eat all the food) but somehow eating food will cause hungry instead of full. not only that but few seconds later the hungry dissappear. only to reappear when i eat some food again. bug or reversed hunger value? (drinking is normal though)

  3. more unstable experimental build. for the last 2 days i’ve been testing experimental build for fun and i found that the experimental build now is more unstable than previous experimental version. i’ve been seeing more crash like segmentation fault and performance drop in-game but its normal for me, considering the improvement that can be seen in-game.

all problems and changes aside, the game is now getting improved and more complex than before. im looking forward for more changes and improvement and also more bugfix to come. its really awesome to see more mods in-game and more improvement into the gameplay.

The unstable-ness probably comes from the speed at which stuff are added.
I think that 0.D release brought lots of new and old poeple to contribute to the game.

The hunger system is now a model of stomach volume and calories are a different thing. So you don’t actually get full until your stomach has a bit of food in it.

And then it also takes a bit to digest the food actually. So calories are no longer instantly digested to lower your hunger.

So just eat a bit every couple of hours, drink some water along with it, and you should be fine.

now that’s good news… that would make the development more dynamic…

oh so now the hunger system is like : eat food and drink water, continue journey, eat food and drink water, you’re full?

or in other words, hunger system is now progressive?

In current experimentals, you can choose what day of the year that the Cataclysm occurs. I’ve got a game with the Cataclysm happening on Day 45 of spring, which means cold is still a concern without being an overwhelming concern. It’s a great feature for fine-tuning the game difficulty.


yeah… the cold somehow gave me a sense of reward when i found corpse with Stove kit on it… it really is adding some difficulty to the game.

but im still confused about the new hunger system. i mean how does it work now? eating food shows Hungry then few turns later it just gone.