Where does heavy and light power armor spawn? (0.F)

So, looking at the Hitchhiker’s Guide, all the heavy and light power armor frames, now called combat exoskeletons, seem to be missing from almost all loot tables. Of course, I’m no code wizard, so if I’m wrong I’d love it if someone could correct me if I’m wrong.

The relevant items:

From what I can see, they’re only included in the rare loot table in main.json. The only place this loot table is included is in the Rat King cave.

I remember they used to be part of body sites (astoundingly rare), spider basements (very rarely), that little private garden (surrounded by a wall) that spawns in cities that often has a bicycle inside it (saw it once).

There are lots of items that have entries or that are in loot tables but either are very low chances or are actually disabled/never meant to show up because the building/loot-table related to them was moved, changed or taken out.

The most reliable way for me was to raid lab finale which by chance may have nanoprinter blueprint of the power armor & helmets. I would also like to know if there actually is chance to straight up find the armors

There is a lab finale that has the actual Rivtek Power Armour (RM13 Combat Armor is its name?) and the Rivtec Design Binder document alongside it but it’s ridiculously rare to get that finale. You can also find that particular one in a specific “Caves” which is also not too common either.

The “environmental” armor really depends on which one. I remember finding pieces of it scattered in places like Malls and Storage Units (Yellow #), I also believe you can get them in Military Outposts and Bunkers (not sure if it’s for all pieces or just a specific one, but I remember finding the helmet in a bunker once). But usually, Caves seem to be the ones that have that sort of loot, as it’s the only places that seem to be consistent enough. I don’t know if it’s the case currently, but there’s probably someone who knows the loot-tables that can confirm or deny this based on the most current Experimental version.

i found a combat exoskeleton in a miltary supply drop once, i gave it my companion who immediatly died to the first 5 zombies we encountered, which attracted like 20 more so i couldnt retrieve it ;-;