[0x4360b7a]: Power armor helmets

What’s wrong with these things? I can’t find even ONE goddamn helmet. Nearly every third bank has lots of power armors in safes, of all kinds: light, basic, heavy. But NO HELMETS. I robbed literally ~23 banks, I’ve found about 15 power armors, but no even one goddamn helmet.
JSON file tells me weight of helmet is equal to corresponding power armor, but game seems to be saying other.

The RNG probably just hates you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of Time Dilation, Probability Travel, Teleportation Units CBMs. Lots of gold, silver bars. Sometimes rare books. POWER ARMORS[size=8pt][sup]*[/sup][/size]

[size=8pt]*Helmet is not included.[/size]

They have really low weights.
I think either 66% or 150% of what armors have.

Yeah I dunno what the deal is or why it would be that way. I would routinely pass over seemingly dozens of power armor suits without finding any helmets, until I gave up and debugged one in.

I checked JSON files once again and suddenly realized, that vaults having no power armor helmet is intended.