Where do I find Power Armor?

Basically title. I haven’t been playing for long, so I’m very proud of my most recent character that has made it to autumn (I’m bad, don’t judge). I’m on 0.E-3 because I’m worried that updating the version would damage the save file. I don’t want to risk losing this character because he has a very good shot at being my first character to reach one in-game year alive.

Anyways, I’ve started to get a bit bored with just doing normal everyday tasks and I’ve set myself the goal of finding a suit of power armor. However, I can’t seem to find any location that would have it. I’ve explored three whole labs top to bottom (two research stations and the central lab), a couple of military helipads, a couple of military outposts, 4-5 military bunkers, and a few FEMA camps just to name the most prolific ones, but in none of them did I find a single power armor piece. I also haven’t found any more advanced locations yet.
But here’s the best part: I DO have a power armor helmet… that I found in a supply drop in the middle of nowhere.
So where do I need to look to find power armor? Are there “higher tier” military/science locations I can find? Or do I just need to get lucky with crates in the middle of a field?

Bump because it looks like nobody saw this and I’m still as confused as ever :frowning:

poked around the json a bit, and it looks like military outposts/bases are the best option, though still not very likely. Though it looks like it can be crafted from the nanofabricator if you can find one (and the recipie), so that might be easier.

I’ll just have to keep looting military locations I guess. I haven’t seen a military base before though - I’m guessing that’s a “higher-tier” military location?
As for nanofabricators, I do have one that I can access in a lab with copious nanofabricator canisters to fuel it from a hazardous waste sarcophagus… but the blueprints are next to impossible to find, and I’d guess power armor blueprints would be even rarer.

military base is a much larger military facility, but I’m not sure if military base is vanilla or a mod. If you encounter it go for it, but I haven’t seen it in a while, so I suspect it was probably a mod.

Also it may be looted from Armored Zombies

According to this, caves look like the best place to look for the various types of combat exoskeleton, as they seem to be called now. I haven’t seen one yet, so I can’t verify, but that info purports to be directly from the game’s JSON files.

Either from what’s on the Hitch Hiker’s Guide (website, posted by the user above me), or crafting it via the Nanofabricator are the “best” options.

You can randomly find pieces scattered in some other places;

  • Caves;
  • Bank vaults used to have them (not sure if that’s still the case, haven’t fiddled with vaults in a while to have enough of a sample to say whether it happens or not anymore);
  • Occasionally in overmap “bodysites” (scientists and military can occasionally have pieces as part of the loot table, the most common one seems to be a tie between a helmet and the hauling frame);
  • Military Outposts and Military Bunkers;
  • Military Base;
  • Trans-Coast Logistics I would assume may have them too in the loot table (needs confirmation);
  • Science Labs (sometimes you can find it in the same Finale Room as the Phase Immersion Suit, othertimes in the barracks);

You can very rarely find it by chance in the subway paths too.

There is also a specific (and very rare) Science Lab Finale that has the Rivtek Power Armour, a rare recipe book and a battery for the equipment. But the chances of finding one are ridiculously low nowadays.

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Honestly, the most reliable ways you can get it is by crafting it via a nano-fabricator machine. The chance of finding it in bank vaults is zero, caves very very rarely have them and only if you beat a mini-boss called the Rat King. Military outposts and bunkers may have them, but it’s so rare it’d be a fluke to actually find them.
If you really want some power armor, I recommend raiding labs until you have enough nanomaterial canisters and a nanofabricator plus templates, it’s the only surefire way you’ll get it that won’t waste your time, because chances are if you stick to trying to loot these locations you’re gonna be disappointed and might just resort to crafting it using the above method in the end.

do someone remember when you can find
power armor in the Spider basement

Nowadays It can be kind of hard finding power armor
I found an alien fuel cell by the way I don’t know what that is

Not power armour per say, but I did just find a sniper mech-suit in the bottom of a lab earlier today

Most power armours I have found have been on scientist corpses on the overmap. Not in some fancy location.

ive found light power armor in a military supply drop, i gave it my npc companion who then went ono to die in the middle of a horde, i never got it back