Where do you even find surgeons?

In all my playthroughs I have never once found a surgeon to install my bionics. Where on earth do you find them?


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Google translate:
I never found it
But… it’s not that there are surgeons. It’s too probabilistic to “choose one in a million” among countless NPCs…


My dear friends, maybe we should try to use Google and Microsoft browsers with built-in web page automatic translation, just choose the language you can read. Fast, convenient, I’m using it!

or maybe we should not


Using the Discourse iOS app, doesn’t do translations.

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I think the only way is to use an Autodoc .-. IIRC there are no surgeons in the game, unless there are some in that vault full of irradiated wanderers when visited via quest

Microsoft Edge is just reskinned a Chromium engine, as is modern Opera. There are really only two browser engines left, Mozilla and Chromium. We’re heading back into the bad old days of web standards, now with “well, it works on IE!” replaced with “well, it works on Chrome!”


I remember that there was a doctor in one of my games at the upgraded ranch (after finishing some nurse missions). I did have aftershock enabled, but you can try to check there.

It definately used to be there, as I remember getting that NPC after finishing a quest for the ranch. Haven’t played that questline in a while though, so no idea if they are still there

Status in 0.E2 stable:
There’s a doctor at the Tacoma ranch (once sufficiently upgraded) and one in the refugee center. However, neither is described as a surgeon. I haven’t tried to talk to either of them when carrying a ready-to-install CBM, though, but don’t recall having seen any indication of them providing any installation service when I’ve spoken to them.

its less that there is a ‘dedicated CBM surgeon’ and more that you bring a NPC with doctor skills with you to handle the autodoc while its surgeon-ing you.

… or there is a dedicated surgeon and i’ve just never found it this entire time, but auto-docs are everywhere, so…

There seems to be a “nurse robot” that can help you dismantle and install CBM?

Yes, but:

  1. you have to find autodoc with robonurse, they only spawn in labs AFAIK
  2. the nurse should be non-glitched (random chance, I guess)
  3. you have to wait till it stand in a place where it does affect the success chance
  4. You must wear a doctor’s badge for it to work. Thanks, Palu, I completely forgot about it.

(3) always work, but is really unintuitive. It is not “adjacent to autodoc” neither “adjacent to you”. It’s some set of nearby tiles which can only be determined by waiting for the nurse to move around and checking success chances after each location change.

(TIL firefox recognize the word “yo” as valid but the word “firefox” is unknown to it)

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I though you’d have to find a doctor’s badge to get (non glitched) nurse robots (“nurse bots”, but I suspect BenJoneWert’s translation SW may have trouble with that) to assist. Do you say that you can also get them to assist if they happen to be in one of the magical locations, or that they have to be in such a position in addition to wearing the badge?

In addition. Forgot the badge, thanks for reminding me about it.