Where do I get tin?

Like, really, wtf. Tin is required for a few recipes I’ve wanted to craft, and I never had any. Tin cans are not actually tin, which makes their name stupid. And yeah, I get it, tin coated, blah blah, etc. It’s still a misnomer. They’re steel cans.

The only thing I’ve found in game that gives tin is the tin plate, and that’s listed as aluminum, which about made my head explode.

Why are there recipes that require tin when it basically isn’t available at all? What am I missing? I’m trying to make solder and have no tin. Similarly, things like the circ saw can give solder when deconstructed, but most electronics do not. I don’t understand that, either.

pewter bowls. You can find them in mansions.

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While I would suggest Solder. I’m thinking, tin should also have a flat resource like scrap = steel. Lead or gold etc… But I didn’t program this and now would be interested in knowing the answer as well. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t there be lots in gaming venues(pewter table top games). Jewelers for fixing crap. Eye glass places for the safe reason.

I mean . . . I know that solder gives tin . . . I need the tin to make solder.

I was thinking I might see about adding pewter figurines. We have the gamer basement, and I figured it’d be neat to have it spawn a few small pewter fighter/wizard/whatever figurines. Similarly, maybe a larger statue or two to throw in the pawn shop lists.

Turns out there’s not that much in real life that’s made of tin.

My hometown, theres alot of stuff made out of tin, cans, siding on trailers (kind you can live in), maybe it’s because most of the town is 40+ years old, but I could easily find tin around, but I doubt it’s pure tin.

If solder is what you need then try dissasembling an alternator from vehicles its what I did.

Killer robots seem to have a lot of solder. Well, depending on the size I suppose.