Where are diseases located, and other questions about diseases ( causing mutations, etc.)

I’m thinking of ways to make people’s lives more miserable/better (such as untreated frostbite causing a hand/leg mutation called “missing finger/toe” which would increase encumbrance by 5 <it would be “purifiable” by obtaining any hand/foot mutation>, turning into a wendigo from eating human flesh, “smart” parasites <e.g. like the stuff you have in yogourt>, certain events causing “pyschopath” “killer drive” or “pyromaniac” to occur <at a very low chance like 1%> to simulate pyschology, etc) but I can’t find exactly where diseases are located in the json folders. Anybody know what they’re called?

And what exactly would I have to have a disease cause a mutation after they reached past a certain stage, similar to how fungal infections can cause a limb to break or spawn spores?


About the other, i have no idea

For most of that effects you’d not only have to code that JSON entry but also step into the c++ code to place some hard coded effects and interactions not governed by the JSON decoder.