Mutations/Traits that give effects

Is it possible to create a mutation that comes with an effect or causes one? Can’t seem to work out how I would go about do so. I’m working on some new scenarios, and the idea would be you start off with these effects. Here’s a couple of examples.

Cursed - every now & then gives person the Attention effect.
Unstable Atoms - every now & then gives the person the Teleglow effect.
Gassy - randomly release smoke clouds as though one dropped a smoke grenade.
Blind/Deaf - either permanent or very limiting sight/hearing

I’m exploring the json files, but can’t work out how attach effects to things like mutations or professions. What would the code for that look like? Possible?

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You can do it through c++ edits
AFAIK you can’t do it through json.

First you need to know JSON files are basically data files.
They describe how an object looks, behaves, what effects it has and so on, but you can’t define how those effects would work.

So the only way to add functions that define the effects inside c++ files. Then (idk how exactly it would work) it would be as simple as adding "effect" : ["some_fancy_effect_that_has_the_functions_name_or_id"]

TLDR no way in plain JSON.

Dang, what about just making it so a scenario or profession starts you off with a status effect, like you start off inflicted with teleglow?

I’m assuming same answer, but hoping its possible since editing json files are easier then the sea of c++ at least for me.

I’m not too familiar that much with the game, but I do understand programming.
I mean, it is possible to add infection as a start, but I am not sure about teleglow.