Is there / will there be any documentation on mutations?

Currently trying to work on mutations for a mod, and noticed a lack of documentation on them. There are docs for seemingly everything else, why isn’t there any for mutations? Is it planned, or has it been forgotten? Or have I just been unable to find the documentation?

everything is on the wiki or at least it was
explain what it is you want and maybe I can help

I don’t need help with anything specifically, I was just wondering if there was proper documentation for mutations, like those in the /doc/ folder.

seems a little in depth and I don’t see it in there I can’t really explain it that well other than just reiterating the entire raw code for the effects sorry man

oh but if that would be helpful data/json/mutations

Yeah, I’ve pretty much had to just pick apart other code to figure out how to add mutations. It’s worked well enough, but some proper docs would make things easier and probably let me do more.

Yep. I’ve created a few new traits by reworking existing ones but I would like to add news ones.


Thanks. Had a feeling it was somewhere that I just wasn’t looking.

Thanks. Lots of interesting code here but I can’t see how to affect morale. I wanted to create an agoraphobic trait that gives morale penalties when outdoors. Rather like being light sensitive but affecting morale cf ‘nomad’ trait. Any suggestions that I could stick in a json?

Sounds like what you want to do isn’t possible (based on my understanding) with just JSON. A lot of the traits (not mutations) utilize C++, which is why when you look at them in their JSON file they’re basically blank. Agoraphobia is something that would fit in the base game, so you could probably get it included if you were to write the code for it and then setup a PR.

Thanks for clarifying.
Yah, that sounds hopeful. First, however, I’ll need to graduate from json to C++. Where to begin… I wonder if someone can lend me a copy of SICP? :slight_smile:

Assuming I was looking for the correct thing, here’s a link to a website with the full text plus some other helpful stuff:

Uh, I’m not a CS major but… Wow.
Thanks! I was joking of course, but it’s fun to see IRL game content.
Still, it’s not going to help me learn C++, is it? :dizzy_face:

Trust me, I’m not a CS major either. Never done C++, but I have done C which is extremely similar. It isn’t too difficult to learn, I’d recommend just looking for a course online. There are plenty of great free courses out there.

Thanks for the encouragement. I may end up spending more time creating content than playing the game - but the journey will be fun. Cheers, :wink:

That’s how I’ve felt too. Good luck, man.