How do mutations function?

So I’ve been tweaking around with the mutation .jsons and I’m getting pretty confused. Some mutations seem to be nothing but a description and some points, but they obviously do more, like the Night Vision traits for example. My question is, where do I go to find these seemingly hidden values? I mainly want to tweak dodge chance, hearing range, and night vision. By the way, I’m not a very skilled coder.

I believe that some effects are hard-coded. I read that somewhere, but it was from like 2013 and they’ve been slowly jsonizing everything since then.

A lot of the effects of mutations are simply hardcoded, and there isn’t really a good way to fix it. Over time a lot of them have been able to be JSONized due to their similarity to other mutations (basic stat manipulations, etc.), but since a lot of mutations are just simple one-offs in the code (and sometimes have pretty deep-reaching, rather unique effects) they haven’t really been worth the time it would take to JSONize yet.

Assuming it’s been kept sort of up to date you should be able to find most things that you can currently do with mutations in JSON here.

Well that’s a bummer, but thanks for the help!