When it's expected/correct for someone to commit changes to the repository?

Just a recent example of another of those moments I’m tempted to commit a PR with some early “fixes” on .json files I do my own to remove problems while playing experimentals. With the example I think I will explain better:

I stumbled onto a recipe requirement for “welding goggles”, instead of the more common “glaring protection”. I researched a bit, learned the differences between “qualities” and “tools”, using notepad++ searched all .json files deployed with the experimental I’m playing and proceed to convert remaining references from tool “goggles_welding” into quality “GLARE” level 2. Not much work… Just minutes.

Well… The files affected belong to 2 different Mods: Blazemod and PK_Reimagining.

The question is… Should I try to “commit” this? Or report into each Mod the problem (and potentially how to fix it?) to not interfere with Mod creators?

I repeat it’s something that has happened already other times… But I’m reluctant to trigger repo activity (And to really go all out into creating a Git environment), and OFC I don’t want to be rude for interfering with a Modder while his/her content is still maintained… Specially for simple things just requiring .json file editing.

Those mods will be removed from the mainline in some nearby future. Mostly because their authors have their own updated versions outside the main repo and do not synchronize the mainline version with their updated ones.

Thanks for the reply… Meaning I better report this on each respective Mod communication channels (Forums most likely).

Is there a centralized (or standard rule “like x days without update”) place to check which mods part of the Main Branch are considered obsolete to help noticing when a given potential fix can be usefull for most players?

No. It’s hard to objectively rule it.

For mainlined “core” mods, the problems are considered global.

For mods maintained by individual people (usually: has author’s name = is considered a mod of this author) problems generally go to mods’ threads in “The Lab” section of forum. Each mod usually has a big thread with updated version of the mod and bug reports.

K, thanks again for the reply. I reported the problem and potential solution within each thread here on the forums.