Can 0.C be patched?

Considering the large amount of work needed to add the new features and remove the bugs on the 0.D milestones list, would it be possible to add some of the new JSON items into 0.C stable? It would be preferable to a rushed 0.D and the outdated 0.C.

Technically yes, but don’t expect it to happen unless you want to do it yourself or know someone who will do it.
Not all items would work, though. Many flags have been added, removed, changed meaning etc. Many json entries were totally changed.

Why can’t I create a merge request that targets the 0.C branch on GitHub?

Because then the stable becomes a second experimental. The problem is bug-fixing isn’t glamorous while seeing your new variant of fursuit in the game is more gratifying to most people, so there are a plethora of people adding new recipes for every possible variation and permutation of pancakes and almost no one willing to focus exclusively on fixing known bugs in the stable without introducing new ones.

Wait, is there a milestone list somewhere? A developmental roadmap of sorts?

Wait, is there a milestone list somewhere? A developmental roadmap of sorts?[/quote]
In the GitHub labels

The best way to ‘patch’ 0.C is to copy over the new experimental into (a backup copy of) your main game directory.

While it probably breaks the save game. It might not break it. As I think there is an attempt to make save games auto update, and most items are not removed from the json files, only renamed while iirc the ID’s stay the same. (some items are prob no longer craftable/usable).

Know, oh prince, that between the years when the bullshit tank drones of 0.b ended every game in random, unavoidable insta-death, and the bullshit grenade-tossing, mood-and theme-destroying “zombies” of the experimentals, was a golden release undreamed of, when fursuits could be largely ignored and every possible purmutation and variation of pancakes lay spread across the world like brown syrupy mantles beneath the stars.

Jesus Tfing chirst man, if you like 0.C that much, and really want an update, you gotta do it yourself, like Cool said.

I find it interesting that things get put in as milestones then abandoned. Like the ‘filthy’ code, the person who did it said they are not going to update it anymore. So it’s a milestone that no one will/wants to fix.

No one wants to fix, but many people want to remove.
The problem is, people who are fine with it don’t want it to be removed. They don’t care about it enough to fix it, though.