Mods roled into main branch

Is there a way to figure out which mods have been roled into the main branch? I can’t really tell from the mod forum. I think Dinocataclysm is a whole different download. I have not used it .I remember seeing him post that it was a whole sale makeover on the old forums. have parts of this been roled into the main branch?

Is this listed on GIT? I was trying to look for documentation on this on GIT and its hard to find. Its hard to tell from the large changelog when you are referring to a mod from the forums.

It’s quite difficult yes, and I’m not sure if there’s any way to make it easy.

Most of DinoCataclysm has been rolled into the main game except for the dinosaurs, all the primitive survival stuff is right up our alley too, and a lot of the changes are removal of things from the main game, so f course we didn’t merge that.

Oddzball’s Classic zombie mod is also pretty much rolled in completely, as the classic zombie mode.

Flare’s and Isylwin’s archery mods have been completely merged.

TheGrifter’s fear and loathing mod hasn’t been merged, though he does have some stuff we want to snatch.

The MGS mod has not and will not be merged, it has some good features, but lazycat is uncooperative about merging, so we’ll have to implement them ourselves.

utunnels’ Android port hasn’t been merged, but we’re eager to do so as soon as we have some time to do it right.

Those are the biggest ones, my apologies if I missed one, I’m behind on reading the forums.

I think you should attract attention to the project with the Android workaround bit. Already stated that, too.
Now, I crashed into a site that this guy scraped together for his text-adventure game called LASH. The game itself is distributable, but if someone wants to have it on his phone (the “portable” one) they use common stores on the net for doing so and pay a small fee. I’m only saying, if someone was to mod the game to see a highlighted multiplayer feature, it might open some doors and make things much easier in the future.


just skimmed over lazycats mod thread. never really looked at it before. I also did a search on him. Ok, he is a bit annoying. That being said, I think banning him is kind of silly. I think it is good for the community to have forks and overhauls. Look at Dwarf Fortress, there are mods that completely change the game. The mod creates did it a certain way because they like it that way. Many of the people complaining about his changes seem to be childish. Your not paying for this. If someone wants to make a fork and spend his own time doing something, then its on them. If you don’t like it, either don’t use it or download the code and change it.

The complaints don’t seem to be from the core group of coders, just guys who played his branch and then didn’t like some change. His responses were excessive, but I don’t think his attitude is that bad. I didn’t even notice him and I come to the forums alot. Was he spamming and ruining other threads?

I think you should unban him. Sticky his mod thread and note that this is and will always be a separate branch and overhaul to the game. I could be wrong if he mass spammed some threads that got deleted, but short of that, let him work on his branch. I am going to stick to the main branch since I like the way lots of mods get incorporated and I am happy with what you are doing. That being said, Angband and other games took off when people made branches/forks that differed from the main one.

Was he really that bad? Its a typed forum. you can just ignore him. As I said I didn’t even notice him…

We’re totally fine with people forking the project for any purpose whatsoever, but why the hell should we provide a forum for an individual that is hostile and insulting to us, our project, and our community?

Yes, he really was that bad, what you may or may not have seen were the many times he derailed other threads by trying to turn it into an advertisement for his fork and/or ordering people around in a hostile manner. We basically left him alone on his MGS thread unless it got totally out of hand, at which point huge swaths of argument would get deleted, which means you don’t see him at his worst.

It really has nothing to do with the fork, he actually got a lot of additional slack due to supposedly contributing by developing it, but in the end he was just continually toxic and just took advantage of our leniency. Now he’s trolling threads on bay12games* related to cataclysm and in the comments of the kickstarter.

“You’re not paying for this”

  1. GlyphGryph IS paying for this, do you think hosting is free?
  2. Wasting my or someone else’s time moderating the arguments he starts is a cost.
  3. Wasting everyone on the forums’ time with his hostility is a cost.
  4. Making the tone of conversation on the forums hostile and insulting is a cost.

If wants to continue to maintain and promote his fork, he’s free to do so, just not here.

tl;dr life is too short to tolerate incorrigible assholes.

*He’s already been banned from bay12games twice, and is now on a second sockpuppet account.

mmmm I say Lazycat wasted his talent then if he was just more sociable and friendly he could been helping the community with this developments. yeah shame really guess some people are that full of themselves and are egotistical which results to harassment of other people :l

The banning was the correct decision. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

by your not paying for this, I was referring to some people in his MSG thread (and not the core coders) who I think had unfair criticism of his branch. Some people in that thread were a bit obnoxious. It was you guys. I would say the same thing if someone started screaming about the main branch without being constructive.

ok. I didn’t realize he was being that bad. Its a shame, since I think he contributed quite a bit. Not as much as the core group of coders, but far more than me. most of my ideas for changes are not liked. So Im not sure how helpful I am.

The most obnoxious person in his thread, by far, was him. I’d had no exposure to him at all before reading through that thread. What I saw was a series of conversations where people would play his mod, offer their thoughts on it, and if anyone dared say a word against a change he’d made he would get into a hostile argument with them, talking down to them if not directly insulting them and their preferences. He expressed open derision for the main branch and at one point remarked that he didn’t understand why anyone still played it, claiming his branch was strictly superior. I told him it was because people were probably turned off by his treatment of the community, and he of course threw another fit. I’m glad he’s gone, regardless of what he might’ve contributed.

RE: contributions, there really wasn’t much with ideas either, pretty much everything he proposed was either something we don’t want in the main game (his version of z-levels), something we’d already thought of and hadn’t gotten around to implementing (pets, turn cost for aiming, auto-shfting the view based on movement, stealth, round lighting), or both (sound effects, music). I think one exception on the idea front was jumping, which is just a wacky idea for a roguelike, but actually works in this context.

To give him proper credit, he did help debug a few things.

The primary issue being that a great many of his posts have been deleted. He really was particularly bad sometimes. I too feel it is a shame to ban anyone really, but he didn’t exactly leave us with much of a choice - I ended up having to delete insults and attempts to start arguments from him every day. It was a terrible waste of time. :confused:

But we’ve got plenty of other modders on here, and we fully support the existence of other branches, like GDA (the Something Awful version of the game).

The primary issue being that a great many of his posts have been deleted. He really was particularly bad sometimes. I too feel it is a shame to ban anyone really, but he didn’t exactly leave us with much of a choice - I ended up having to delete insults and attempts to start arguments from him every day. It was a terrible waste of time. :/[/quote]
Yeah, just about every other post he made in that thread was either verbally abusive, flamebait, or both. Wasn’t there a point where almost an entire page got deleted at once?

[quote=“Kevin Granade, post:5, topic:1912”]tl;dr life is too short to tolerate incorrigible assholes.

*He’s already been banned from bay12games twice, and is now on a second sockpuppet account.[/quote]

as someone who was purely a passive observer in any thread lazycat posted in (as far as i know, anyway) i can only agree.

the guy was a total dick. he reflexively defended everything that was his with no ability to respect the opinions of others.

Yeah, his ego exploded. Haven’t got a chance to catch that rattle because of which you’ve dissed him, but I guess it has something to do with earler disputes, so… meh. The main reason we’re so jolly is 'cuz there is no politics nor current event discussion. No disrespect, it’s just some of us haven’t got the heart for it.

any plans to add the dinosaurs from Dino’s version? I believe Kevin said most of the rest are not there. I can understand that it is a different feel, but they sound fun. you can have an option to turn them off.

ill have to check out the GDA mod. Didn’t notice. Its hard to tell what is a separate branch and what is getting rolled in. can you guys sticky the separate branches or do something so they stand out?

Yea once we add the menu to enable/disable different monster types, we’ll be grabbing the dinosaurs and having them spawn somewhere or another.

There’s a thread that has the various mods gathered together, to be honest I said pretty much everything I know about various mods in my first reply. I barely have enough time to merge the stuff people are making pull requests for, I haven’t had time to go rooting around in one of the other mods in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t wait for the ability to pick and choose what will spawn in your game, like the Survival mode.

For example, dinosaurs sound hilarious, but I can’t be bothered to download the mod which is quite different from the core game.