When did you start playing cata?

I remember playing RS too. It was even scary sometimes. Even if it was simplistic and full of gun shops.

Well, it was early on in the whales days, Im pretty sure I remember being very excited when crafting was put in, so Id say somewhere near the start?

I heard about this game on the dayz official forums when i suggested a secession game for dwarf fortress.
the plans for that fell through, and I played this instead, gave up, re discovered it on my hard drive a couple monthes ago, re downloaded it, and have loved it ever since

rogue survivor was so awesome… i wonder if its still being developed? i havent played that in years

ah, now i remember. instead of continuing development they decided to start a sequel and subsequently epic-fail’d

so much for that

every tried Dead Frontier?

Been playing for about a year now. Since version 0.3.

[quote=“pulsefrequency, post:24, topic:5373”]rogue survivor was so awesome… i wonder if its still being developed? i havent played that in years

ah, now i remember. instead of continuing development they decided to start a sequel and subsequently epic-fail’d

so much for that

every tried Dead Frontier?[/quote]DF is pretty neat, they just need to polish it a little more before I’m ready to jump back in. MMOs aren’t really my favorite game type, but DF isn’t bad.

ive been waiting for them to “polish it a little” since before i started playing cata haha

I think I started playing around 0.2-0.3 CDDA…so. Yeah. I found it on some random website of roguelikes and a guy commented “whoever made this list obviously hasnt played cataclysm dark days ahead” outve curiousity I looked it up and, well, my first, and favorite forum I joined. Ive made alot of friends here xD

Yaayyy Aerial.

I started playing Cata DDA around version 0.8 . It was the first roguelike I ever found that had cars that you can find AND build. That got me hooked. It is probably my faivorite thing about the game. Making a car masterpiece and then accidentaly driving it into a slime pit:). But I found the game when I got bored of the complexity of dwarf fortress and was searching around on youtube for a zombie survival roguelike.

I’ve played the game long enough to remember a time before vehicles were even a mod, and when bows were omnipotent.

Got in to it fairly recently. Was inspired to play by watching Das24680 play it on his channel.

Man… this takes me back. Whales was just starting Cata and was looking for playtesters to compile and run the game on the #RGRD IRC Channel. I was up unusually late and decided to give it a shot. It stuck with me for the longest time, though I only recently found out about it again when I saw it on Kickstarter (Hey! I know that game!). Now it’s one of the games I’ve played the longest period of time since starting grad school - it has a certain air about it that keeps me coming back.

I think the two things that kept me hooked when I decided to give it a fresh look was the activity on github and the wiki. It’s awesome to see the open source “mob rule” approach working so well for Cataclysm. I even managed to get my own bugfix in the other day! It’s great that Cata has awesome and dedicated repo maintainers reviewing and QA-ing the pull requests. But the element that absolutely kept me in as a player was being able to read the tutorials on the Wiki and feel like I have enough information to actually survive. I’m about to make it to summer for the first time, and I’m super excited about it! It’s approachable and somewhat intuitive, and it’s been a wonderful experience getting to play it for about 30 minutes each night before bed.

I first played around Oct of '12
I randomly heard about @xcom, but never got around to playing it because it was closed source, same deal with incursion (right name? the D20 roguelike), then found cataclysm, which wasn’t technically open source (no license), but whales encouraged modding and made the source available at least.
I vividly remember running around totally confused my first game or two, and being rewarded for doing things that made sense, like carefully sneaking into houses, picking clothing based on carrying capacity, and yes kiting zombies into junk to slow them down.
I progressed to surviving for a bit, joined the whalesdev forums, and got hooked on vehicles. I decided any decent apocalypse should have bicycles, and the rest is history.

You know when I first started playing, I didn’t know there was night. There I was, taking sleeping pills at like 11 in the morning after my dynamic spawn loot run.

Some time way back in an early whales release, where you spawned in a house with a complimentary dog.

Before vehicles.

First post on another forum about Cata dated March 19, 2012.
So, technically speaking, tomorrow it will be two years.

Ahhhh cata…

I’m pretty new and i found this game the way i did with dwarf fortress.
1: scrounge internet for games
2: find game decide its too hard to play
3: get bored, download, play and discover that they updated the graphics
4: If its a keeper have it forever and ever
5: repeat steps

I started playing when Jefmajor streamed whales’ cata and tried it out it was a buggy piece of shit. But I kept following it until he gave up and then picked up DDA at .3 after reading on the forums and man how far it is now thank god for Darkling, Kevin and the team for picking this up :slight_smile:

Just as 0.4 (Normal cata) is released.