What's your favourite firearm?

M110 since the my IAR barely cuts it for my world, which seems to be overgrown with Skeletal Jugs

Sawed-off M14 for general use, lab expeditions, and especially against Shoggoths. Mags are very scarce though.
Sawed-off Barret .50 for Kevlar Hulk hunting.
M16A4 from bank robots until I raid military outpost for 7.62 and .50 ammo.

Beretta M9 on one hip, fancy automagnum on another and Mossberg 500 Field on the back.

I call it “The Resident Evil Loadout”. Bonus points for dressing like a biker chick.

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I’m currently enjoying a SCAR-L on my run, suppressed, it’s doing a great job for me so far as a useful carbine/rifle role. I have an M17 for backup as a sidearm, but usually just go to melee with a machete if it gets nasty. Sitting on around a thousand rounds for the SCAR.

two twelve guage pistols, one on either side holster

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two zombies attack me on the street but it was good for me that I have my Pieces with me so anyway I start the blasting

my favorite gun is Walther p38 uncle It’s a real instrument of Destruction!