What's the deal with blank bodies

I was in a cathedral when I encountered them for the first time. I read there description this is what i thought

what I was actually expecting:
“Oh god when I hit these things they’ll become me, Oh shit one screamed this is it BANZAI !”

Then I one-hit killed all of them to death while they wailed in pain and ran to a corner . I was a little disappointed knowing I just fought a bunch of pacifist Re-Deads from zelda.

Dunno if that’s typical of their behavior outside the Cathedral…but not everything has to be a desperate fight for survival. The occasional walk-over can help build a (false?) sense of competence and security.

I know not everything has to be a fight for survival its, just that it was my first time fighting a nether-monster and the description and name kinda hypes them up. I thought they were gonna be like a mimicker type of enemy.

Well, congratulations! Here’s hoping that when you fight floating eyes, it’s in a confined space. Even Ignoring they’re still plenty dangerous at range. (That stare builds up some nasty effects.) Other nether critters I’d watch out for…the polyps can be bad news and the kreck likes to pick fights, IIRC. Haven’t fought many recently.

I know about the flaming eye’s that’s why I’m not artifact hunting yet. The stories I’ve heard shutters, the only other nether-inhabitant I’ve [glow=red,2,300]encountered[/glow] not fought were the Mi-Go’s in a lab.

Frankly If you’ve played Zelda OoT I don’t think you should be afraid of anything. Seriously, I can’t watch horror movies these days without laughing my head off, but if I ever go back to play OoT? Fucking Forest Temple/water temple/shadow temple/beneath the well gets me every damn time.

The forest temple didn’t scare me I quite enjoyed it as a kid. But the bottom of the well was a huge slap in the face Dead hands ,corpses, and other very “E” rated things all in Kakariko villages water supply. Majora’s mask is also my favorite game as well except for that creepy fucking [shadow=red,left]moon[/shadow] and, the mask itself kinda freaked me out to.

I actually found it very unsettling that the blank bodies I found in a Cathedral didn’t fight back when I started hitting them. It was just these pale, humanoid creatures screaming at me as I slowly bludgeoned them to death with a crowbar. It was disturbing.

I felt kinda bad after killing them like I stated they ran to a corner and I impaled them with my luau maker. I guess we turn into monster’s just out of shear fear of the other-worldly.

I like to imagine they were poor cultist that got turned into those faceless monsters for messing with the netherworld.

This may not be relivant to the most recent version, but I’ve met blank bodies around portals too. They seem to be mostly pacifist.

Dude, that’s deep.