Help with a new type of baddy, no spoilers please

So, I found a boarded up house in the woods near a road, and found some kind of terrifying phantasmal monster in there that keeps flinging bits of itself to attack me. It’s a Wraith. If you know what it is, then please don’t post any suggestions here. I only want to hear from other newbs fumbling through the dark here :slight_smile:

I tried shooting it a bunch with wooden arrows, but that hasn’t seemed to affect it much. The thing didn’t seem inclined to come out into daylight, so I just left.

Thing is, I feel a bit guilty about letting yet another Unspeakable Horror loose upon the world, and I’ve skilled up quite a bit since then. I have a pretty decent shotgun and I’ve added a flamethrower to the thing. I know how to make some bombs and stuff. I’m thinking I should fix this problem that I accidentally freed.

So, I’m looking for suggestions from the perspective of people who would be equally clueless about fighting the thing. What else could I try to bring it down with?

I’ve got this image in my head of showing up with a carload full of tricks to try, standing outside during the day, and trying everything I can think of.

I’ve never seen or heard of such a creature. That is, assuming you’re talking about Cataclysm. If you’re experiencing this in real life I recommend moving and trying not to think about it too much.

In game, I dunno. I’d presume that if it’s shrugging off arrows it’s concerning enough to be beyond my paygrade. Most things don’t take kindly to being shot point blank with shotguns, and my familiarity with the Aliens franchise leads me to believe that a flamethrower can cleanse most anything. You sound equipped enough to at least go back and poke it a few times.

Outside of that, I recommend crashing a big truck into the building, or burning it down, though I suspect you’ll do the latter when you poke it with a flamethrower.

Or, follow my real-life advice and just move away, pretending it never existed.

It’s about a 30 minutes drive past a pack of Grim Howlers, and I don’t need to use that road in order to get to anywhere it goes. Cutting through the fields north of the forest the creepy house is in, it’s better for me anyway.

I’m generally hesitant to go shooting off a flamethrower, but in this case, I do think that it might be a good reason to lift that typical restriction. Do you think the aux flamethrower mounted to my Remington 870 is good enough? Or should I make a different flamethrower?

Come to think of it, how do I use this thing, anyway? Do I (a)ctivate it?

I didn’t even know flamethrowers were in the game, but in hindsight it’s a bit silly of me to not realize. So I don’t know how to use it. I’d think you’d activate the shotgun and that would switch to it. Or press capital F to change firing modes – it might be treated as a separate firing mode? The Firing Mode is displayed next to the weapon name in the status sidebar.

But anyway, you can and probably should try the shotgun first if you’re hesitant to set the countryside ablaze. I will say that you should probably shoot into the house with the flamethrower, rather than being inside when you do so. Don’t know if that was obvious or not.

This is exactly the kind of advice I’m looking for :smile:

Pipe bombs, do you think? I’m sh-- at Electronics, but I’m keen with Fabrication, so the fuse might be a bit tricky…

I’ve not experimented with explosives in game, I have a healthy distrust of them in a game like this.

One time I accidentally activated a stick of dynamite (it had been assigned to the letter my crowbar usually is) and promptly blew the crap out of myself even though I threw it pretty far. I’m not sure if an improvised pipe bomb would have the same explosive range, but I’d venture you probably oughta throw some test ones in the woods before you need to rely on them in a pinch.

I will say that I feel like this is all probably overkill. Never seen a wraith, but it’ll probably die at the end of a shotgun like most things. Or maybe I have seen a wraith and just don’t remember. I don’t know.

EDIT: Also, can I just say that you’ve got a lot of cooler stuff than my survivor, and he’s in year two. Bad luck, I guess.

  • It’s a mon. Its not a new mon.
  • It itself is not physically dangerous.
  • If you do engage it, beware of its curse. If it curses you at melee range it lasts until it dies (or just a long time if it/you flees). Yes, pack enough heat to deal with it. I recommend explosives and shotguns if it comes to it. bring multiple grenades or nail bombs. You do not want this curse.
  • The house is a quest location, but most people never get to this quest.

New to me, was what I meant. If you haven’t seen any of my other posts, I’m a fairly newbish player who has yet to survive past the 2nd season.

Any simple bomb you can make is an obvious solution since you say it won’t follow you into the sunlight. Then try a shotgun.

Most of those monsters die in the sunlight, use that to your advantage! Smash out the windows and dart in the light as a temporary safe spot.

Just burn the building down lol

I’ve found it’s mostly harmless when you run like hell and don’t come back
they seem to track less than most eldritch horrors

Oh crap, we got ghosts and shit running around too? I haven’t seen any yet, but one time I was in a lab barracks armory and got randomly gooed by what the game called ectoplasm. I couldn’t find a source of it, the logs didn’t say anything about any enemies, and it didn’t happen again. I thought it was a bug of some sort. I think I may have been wrong…

Do you need IR goggles or something to see them?

I always wear a relic and a holy symbol just in case they do something; maybe they will force them to avoid you or prevent curse effects? As for killing it, electric weapons might work. Fire is always a good choice as well. Even if you can’t kill the damn thing directly, destroying its hiding place via fire or explosives might force it out into the light, which may kill it.

My current character is extremely well equipped, if I run across one I’ll inflict science on it until I figure out a few ways to destroy them, and what does/doesn’t affect them, and post it.

Got ectoplasm’d in labs too, I think it’s related to the portals and shit.

On ectoplasm: it looks to me like you caught Teleglow, have you been stared at by any Flaming Eyes, found any wierd artifacts or been teleporting around constantly? If the answer to one of the aforementioned questions is “yes” then you have Teleglow and better get some anti-fungal drugs ready unless you want your arms to burst.

On Wraiths and Shadows: Shadows are moderately weak. Wraiths constantly spawn Shadows, have around Hulk sized health bars, regenerate in the dark, and have respectable attack power too. They both die in clear sunlight so keep that in mind.

I just thought of a funny image of someone crafting multiple makeshift holy symbols and yeeting them at the wraith. It’s even funnier when it has no effect.

It was a previous character, but that is good to know.

How exactly does glowing work with anti-fungal medicine?

Teleglow will go away on it’s own after a (long?) while. The issue is that it can infect you with ze fungus, like any ol’ spore, fungaloid or fungal zombie could. So unless you like having your arms explode into spores…yeah, go get that medicine ready.

Ok. Cool. Thanks for the info.