Blank body causing my death?

So I was sitting in my walled off bridge turret filled base and a blank body must’ve found its way in and killed me…

I woke up and the body was right next to me and in the next turn I was dead.

Devs? What sort of funny business is this?

I just sealed my current character in a basement with a blank body and went to sleep.

Going to sleep next to a walking demonic deformed human was pretty scary, but otherwise nothing happens. Also they are secretly assholes, they shriek and awake you just as you fall asleep.

Haven’t encountered blank bodies myself, but from what I hear, they’re not incredibly threatening. They can deal damage however, so it’s possible that it was hitting you while you were asleep, and you woke up with no HP left. I don’t really know how that works, because I usually wake up once things are near me. If you have Heavy Sleeper, though, it’s possible that that is the case.

Or… you might have overdosed on drugs. I’m pretty sure there’s an invisible value that determines how many drugs you can consume, and if that goes to far in one direction you just straight up flop over dead.

Other’n that, iunno.

All my characters have heavy sleeper and they always wake up after one attack.

I haven’t had any drugs, and I was surrounded in blood spatters. So I was actually attacked.

Maybe it was trying to walk onto your square and auto attacking like dogs do? Ive never seen a hostile blank body before but I dont spend much time near them or mess with them.

I did have in earplugs and was pounded on my pain dampening CBM. So if it’s attacks where like .0001 damage I probably wouldn’t have awoken.

Do they even have an attack?

According to the wiki they are affected by traits like wolves, what were your traits?

I once went into a cabin and entered the basement i picked up some talisman or whatever and like 4 spawn and devoured my soul. There was like a etched skull on a pillar…

Blank bodies do not attack. Something else must of spawned in.

And your situation is completely different, Fishy.

Were your turrets in range? If so, they probably shot you to death trying to hit the Blank Body.

That could be it, ive had turrets roll natural 00s and blow my head off from 20 tiles away.

Quick, robust genetics, and gourmand.

I had on two army helmates, I think I would’ve woke up if I was being shot. I doubt blank bodies have any dodge skill. So my turrets killing me wouldn’t have been possible. I even went back with another character and there was two army helms, scratched. Most likely from acid rain.

Army helms wont help with eye shots either.

I’ve seen a 9mm turret one hit kill a fairly heavily armoured, full health survivor from well over a full screen away on a livestream.
Turrets have quite possibly the most devastating damage spikes in the game.

Ive had both turrets and NPCs with tec9s and the like kill me from almost a screen away a few times (once while doing 120kmh). RNG rolls 100 and boom. Crit eye burst and thats all she wrote.

Re-enforced ballistic glasses, cracked.

I’m not sure if someone already mentioned this, but if you died, there is a file that tells you how you died.

Unless they changed it, it doesn’t really say what killed you if it doesn’t have a clear damage/kill message.
For example it never explained why 3 of my characters in a row (all hobos) dropped dead after one or two in-game hours.

I suspect it has something to do with starting addictions annihilating your health stat

Slender man is after you…

But seriously never seen hostile blank body before either.